Alabama Fans Hope To Shut Down State For One Week In January

You're probably aware that the University of Alabama has canceled any classes that might possibly interfere with students' drinkingenjoyment of the BCS Championship, but now some lawyers have asked a judge to shut down the state's legal system as well. » 12/16/09 2:00pm 12/16/09 2:00pm

Let Me Tell You Something About Birmingham, Alabama

Apparently, some readers took issue with my recent characterization of Birmingham, Alabama, as a decrepit backwater devoid of all culture and sophistication. Wait, did I not say that? Because I should have. » 12/30/08 12:15pm 12/30/08 12:15pm

Meet Dr. James Andrews: The Man Who Operates On Your Favorite Player

In the last two decades, Dr. James Andrews became the de facto orthopaedic surgeon to sports stars everywhere. His name is synonymous with sports surgery, as is his location in Birmingham, Alabama. Now Fast Company » 9/10/08 1:15pm 9/10/08 1:15pm takes you inside the operating room with the man who fixed Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, Drew Brees,…