The Panthers Just Dressed Two Different Emergency Goaltenders

Sabres Win In OT On Bizarre Sudden-Death Buttgoal

Coyotes goalie Mike Smith handed the Buffalo Sabres an overtime win tonight when he carried the puck into his own goal. He didn't know he was doing it at the time, because the puck was in his pants. » 12/24/13 12:37am 12/24/13 12:37am

Tonight's Yankees Broadcast Was Temporarily Invaded By A Mysterious…

The top of the fifth inning of tonight's Yankees-Twins bout in Minneapolis was extra-spicy for Yankee fans viewing on WWOR (or on MLB Network's simulcast) as a voice seemed to interrupt Jayson Nix's at bat to talk about "play-in games" and someone or something being "fucking hot." » 9/25/12 10:09pm 9/25/12 10:09pm

Aubrey Huff Almost Injured Himself Last Night Smacking Ryan Theriot's…

San Francisco cruised to a 5-2 home win over the Dodgers last night on the strength of a two-run Marco Scutaro hit, and it sparked the kind of celebration only Bill Gramatica could appreciate. Here's Giants slugger Aubrey Huff showing his appreciation to Ryan Theriot, and regretting it after the fact. » 9/08/12 11:30am 9/08/12 11:30am

Here Is Some Weird-Ass Shit Broadcast During Last Night's Rays-A's Game

Last night's Rays-A's game from Oakland went 15 innings before finally being decided on a Jemile Weeks sacrifice fly, and its length taxed certain east coast viewers who needed to be up early for Olympics coverage. But for those who stuck around, there was a treat: whatever the fuck this is. We debated listening to… » 7/31/12 10:10am 7/31/12 10:10am