This Is What A Boston College Education Is Worth

Before beginning, I should reiterate that B.J. Raji does not smoke pot. Of course, if he did fill his head with sweet smoke that might explain why he can't spell his own school's war cry. » 5/05/09 2:45pm 5/05/09 2:45pm

Druggie NFL Prospects Not Actually On Drugs

Remember all the fuss recently about certain draft prospects who tested positive for drugs at the scouting combine and how it made everyone sad for today's youth? Yeah, none of those guys actually tested positive. » 4/21/09 9:45am 4/21/09 9:45am

Maybe B.J. Raji Isn't A Dopehead

Oh, anonymous sources ... you've done it again. Those crazy "web logs" have reported that at least six football players failed pre-draft drug tests, which the players naturally deny. So whose pants are on fire? » 4/07/09 11:30am 4/07/09 11:30am