Hey, It's Jackie Robinson Day

Can't let the day pass without mentioning that it's Jackie Robinson Day around major league parks, as today marks the 59th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first game in the major leagues. Of course, on this day, African-American pitchers are entitled to intentionally hit one white batter per inning without… » 4/15/06 7:27pm 4/15/06 7:27pm

The NASCAR Revolution Begins Today

We interrupt today's basketball coverage to tell you about Bill Lester, the first black man to qualify for a NASCAR race in 20 years. He'll be in the field for today's prestigious Golden Corral 500, which is underway as we speak. » 3/19/06 3:03pm 3/19/06 3:03pm

Black Guy Wins Gold Medal

American Shani Davis won a gold medal earlier today in the 1000m speedskating event, becoming the first black person to win an individual gold medal in Winter Olympic history. Debi Thomas won a bronze in figure skating in 1988, and Vonetta Flowers won a gold medal as a member of the women's bobsled team in 2002. » 2/18/06 2:45pm 2/18/06 2:45pm

Hockey Didn't Land On Plymouth Rock; Plymouth Rock Landed On Hockey

Fantastic find from The Mighty MJD: AOL's Black Voices has a sports section that tracks black players in the NHL. According to the site, there are 12, many with Afrocentric names like "Bryce Salvador," "Fred Braithwaite," "Sean McMorrow" and "George Laraque." » 10/12/05 11:45am 10/12/05 11:45am

Dontrelle Willis Did Not Land On Plymouth Rock

We hadn't noticed — because we're devils, of course — but something rare happened in baseball yesterday: Two black starting pitchers went against each other. Florida's Dontrelle Willis earned his 17th win over the Dodgers' Edwin Jackson, and it has the always sane folks at Black Athlete comparing it to a solar… » 8/23/05 10:21am 8/23/05 10:21am