The Atlanta Falcons Have Fired Mike Smith

Black Monday has claimed its second victim in Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith. The announcement will be made official at a press conference later today, but everyone is reporting that Smith, who led the Falcons to five straight winning seasons before finishing 6-10 this season and 4-12 the season before, is done. » 12/29/14 9:42am 12/29/14 9:42am

The Lesson Of ​Black Monday: Your NFL Team Doesn't Know What It's Doing

Yesterday was Black Monday in the NFL. My team's coach got fired. Your team's coach got fired. EVERYONE'S coach got fired. If six Fortune 500 CEOs were all shitcanned on the same day, the markets would crash; there'd be barricades in the streets by noon. But it's a telling sign of football culture that mass purges… » 12/31/13 10:47am 12/31/13 10:47am

Jon Gruden Begs NFL Teams To Stop Firing Coaches Just For Him

Five NFL coaches lost their jobs on Monday, just the latest round of mass firings aimed at clearing out possible jobs for Jon Gruden. A year earlier, NFL teams fired seven coaches in hopes that Gruden would want to move in. Some teams would apparently consider Gruden's younger brother, Jay, on the working theory that… » 12/30/13 11:44pm 12/30/13 11:44pm

Here's Your Black Monday NFL Firings Roundup

Black Monday is off to a roaring start this year. We're here for blood, and there's plenty of it. Here's your running tally of all the coaches who have been axed today. » 12/30/13 12:36pm 12/30/13 12:36pm

Andy Reid: Good Enough To Make You Hate Him For How Bad He Was

So of course when the clock at last ran out on Andy Reid in Philadelphia, nobody knew what the heck was going on. He was fired before the final game Sunday and coached anyway. No, he wasn't fired till after the game Sunday. No, not that either; he wasn't fired till Monday morning. One last utter clusterfuck of an… » 1/01/13 10:00am 1/01/13 10:00am

The Black Monday Firing That Doesn't Make Any Sense: Lovie Smith

Romeo Crennel, Chan Gailey, Andy Reid, Pat Shurmur, and Norv Turner were fired on Monday for the usual reasons that coaches get fired. All of these guys either led franchises to horrible records (Crennel), disappointed their pitchfork-waving fan bases one too many times (Turner), led their franchises to horrible… » 12/31/12 2:10pm 12/31/12 2:10pm

Here Are All The Football People Who Have Been Fired Today [UPDATING]

We're cheering for a particularly bloody Black Monday today. Almost every team is terrible! They all have such bad rosters! Fire everyone! We'll be updating here as the firings roll in. » 12/31/12 10:40am 12/31/12 10:40am