Real Housewives Of Kenya: Jeptoo's Husband Alleges Doping, But Proves Blackmail

You can't make this stuff up. Kenyan runner Rita Jeptoo's estranged husband, Noah Busienei, produced a letter dated April 2013 from his lawyer to Jeptoo threatening to reveal her doping, which he alleged had been happening since September 2011, to Athletics Kenya and WADA unless she paid him off. The two were going… » 11/08/14 8:17pm 11/08/14 8:17pm

Kevin McClatchy Almost Didn't Buy The Pirates Because Someone Threatened To Out Him

Kevin McClatchy, for 11 years the head of the Pirates' ownership group and team CEO (and for 13 years part of the ownership group), came out publicly in a New York Times profile that's on newsstands today. In the piece, McClatchy explains why he came out to his family when he did: » 9/23/12 11:10am 9/23/12 11:10am