Reports: Colin Kaepernick Benched For Blaine Gabbert

Blaine Gabbert will start at quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers against the Atlanta Falcons this weekend, reports Kyle McLorg (and confirmed every other NFL reporter). Regular starter and large headphone enthusiast Colin Kaepernick has been dire this season, ranking as the 30th best QB in the league by Football… »11/02/15 11:22pm11/02/15 11:22pm

Last Night Reminded The World That Blaine Gabbert Is Hopeless And Chad Henne Isn't

We wondered in September why the Jaguars had refused to bench Blaine Gabbert (pictured above, on his ass)—their woeful second-year quarterback—in favor of Chad Henne, their slightly below-average (serviceable!) young veteran backup. Since then, Gabbert's play has, uh, I guess we could say picked up: he now ranks 29th… »11/09/12 2:05pm11/09/12 2:05pm

Here's Jon Gruden Saying Weird Shit To Future NFL QBs

One reason to bother watching SportsCenter the past few weeks — aside from watching legal baseball highlights, I guess — is the totally bizarre, always somehow informative "QB Camp" series the network has Jon Gruden hosting for a second year. While, like Gruden, we "don't believe half the [expletive] people on the… »4/21/11 6:35pm4/21/11 6:35pm