Blake Griffin Unveils The Karate Block

When you're a power forward with T-Rex arms, you have to go looking for more creative ways to go about blocking shots. Thanks to Blake Griffin, all the short-armed big men out there have a new move to try. » 3/30/15 3:02pm Today 3:02pm

Blake Griffin's Austin Rivers Impression Is So Cold And So Accurate 

Clippers guard Austin Rivers is very bad at basketball. We know this. His father, head coach Doc Rivers, must know this. Blake Griffin definitely knows this. » 3/27/15 1:34pm Friday 1:34pm

Reports: Blake Griffin Will Return To Action Today

After missing more than a month due to surgery for a staph infection in his elbow, Blake Griffin will rejoin the Clippers this afternoon against the Rockets. Arash Markazi of ESPNLosAngeles reported a couple days ago that today might be the day; ESPN's J.A. Adande confirmed it a little while ago: » 3/15/15 3:32pm 3/15/15 3:32pm

Blake Griffin To Have Surgery To Remove Staph Infection

The Clippers announced today that power forward Blake Griffin will be having surgery to remove a staph infection in his right elbow. Griffin is flying back to Los Angeles today, and should have the surgery on Monday. » 2/08/15 12:05pm 2/08/15 12:05pm

Blake Griffin Was His Old Bad-Ass Self Last Night

One of the crappier things about the early part of this NBA season is that for much of it, Blake Griffin hasn't really looked like Blake Griffin. Too many Clippers games have seen Griffin floating around the perimeter, turning in uninspiring performances heavy on the mid-range jumpers and light on the dunks. But last… » 12/09/14 2:54pm 12/09/14 2:54pm

Chris Paul Accidentally Says "Dick;" Blake Griffin Can't Stop Laughing

After last night's win over the Magic, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin took the podium for a joint postgame press conference. Everything was running smoothly, until Paul accidentally said "dick." » 12/04/14 4:57pm 12/04/14 4:57pm

Justin Bieber Tells Blake Griffin About His Ill Go-Kart, Or Some Shit

It wasn't just the Patriots that Justin Bieber was hanging out with in the Clippers' locker room last night. He also got to spend some quality time with Blake Griffin, as seen in the video above. What do you think they are talking about? I bet Justin is telling Blake all about the super fucking ill go-kart he just… » 12/02/14 11:28am 12/02/14 11:28am

Warning: Doug McDermott Will Just Get All Up In Your Picture

Former Creighton star Doug McDermott hasn't exactly taken the NBA by storm in his first weeks as a pro, but that doesn't mean that he's short on confidence. For example, McDermott has no problem rolling right into a famous-person photo that he definitely wasn't invited to. » 11/18/14 9:49am 11/18/14 9:49am

Report: Blake Griffin Charged With Misdemeanor Battery

According to TMZ, the Clark County District Attorney has charged Clippers star Blake Griffin with misdemeanor battery for his role in an alleged assault in a Las Vegas night club last month. Griffin is alleged to have gotten mad at cameras flashing in his face while in Tao Nightclub, so he grabbed the phone and neck… » 11/12/14 7:03pm 11/12/14 7:03pm

Blake Griffin Close To Something He May Think About Doing In The Future

NBA fights in this decade are usually the equivalent of very aggressive staring contests that could potentially escalate into two bros shoving each other while yelling, "not the face, man!" » 10/18/14 11:08am 10/18/14 11:08am

Everybody, Especially Blake Griffin, Loves This 6'7" Burlesque Dancer…

Amazon Ashley is a person that we were not aware of until today. She is a 6-foot-7 dancer who is best known for touring with Miley Cyrus, but she is also known for other things. One of those things happens to be taking boobsy photos with various NBA players—mostly Blake Griffin. » 7/24/14 10:59am 7/24/14 10:59am

Blake Griffin Baits Serge Ibaka Into A Technical Foul

Griffin and Ibaka have a history that includes Ibaka smoking Griffin in the nuts, but this one is all Griffin. After being knocked down on the baseline, Griffin acts the role of pest and definitely locks up Ibaka's leg and practically begs him to lash out, or fall. Ibaka lashed out and was charged with a technical… » 5/05/14 11:44pm 5/05/14 11:44pm

Doc Rivers Gets Emotional After Clippers Beat Warriors In Game 7

The Clippers beat the Golden State Warriors 126-121 in Game 7 on their home court despite 33 points from Steph Curry, 14 of which came in the fourth quarter. » 5/04/14 1:54am 5/04/14 1:54am

Blake Griffin Fouls Out, Dumps Water All Over Warriors Fan

Blake Griffin fouled out with 48 seconds left in the game, and the score tied 105-105. It was kind of a ticky-tacky foul and Griffin was reacting to the video replay. He lifted his arms in exasperation and dumped the water he was holding all over the guy in a Warriors shirt behind him. Then he threw the cup at him. » 4/19/14 6:26pm 4/19/14 6:26pm

So Apparently Blake Griffin Is A Young Earth Creationist

There's an interview with Blake Griffin in the latest issue of Rolling Stone that contains one particularly alarming bit of information. It appears that Blake Griffin is a hardcore, Jesus-rode-a-dinosaur-type creationist. » 4/15/14 5:04pm 4/15/14 5:04pm

Blake Griffin Gets Way Up There For A Huge Putback Dunk

Sure, it's fun to watch Blake Griffin destroy another human being with one of his signature moves, but I've always had a soft spot for the ones he throws down when nobody's in his way. » 3/13/14 9:19am 3/13/14 9:19am

P.J. Tucker Ejected For Punching Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin had a dominant 37-point performance in LA's 112-105 win over the Suns, shooting 14-16 from the field, but midway through the fourth quarter he and P.J. Tucker had themselves a wrestling match in the paint. Griffin and Tucker were a mess of limbs rolling around and it definitely looked like at least one… » 3/11/14 1:23am 3/11/14 1:23am