Blake Griffin And Nuggets Coach Mike Malone Got Into It Over "Hack-A-DJ" Strategy

It’s not often we see a coach being held back by his team from going after an opposing player, but things got chippy in the fourth quarter of the Clippers’ 111-94 win in Denver. The scuffle—limited to a verbal one—was sparked by Griffin’s displeasure with the Nuggets’ “Hack-A-DJ” strategy, and damned if intentionally… »Wednesday 8:53am11/25/15 8:53am


A Blown Goaltending Call Might Have Cost The Clippers Their Revenge Against The Rockets 

With just about a shot clock’s worth of time left in the fourth quarter in last night’s Clippers-Rockets game, Blake Griffin rose and missed a layup that would have tied the game at 107. His follow-up also missed, thanks in part to Dwight Howard tipping it away when it was above the cylinder. »11/08/15 1:10pm11/08/15 1:10pm

Justin Bieber Tells Blake Griffin About His Ill Go-Kart, Or Some Shit

It wasn't just the Patriots that Justin Bieber was hanging out with in the Clippers' locker room last night. He also got to spend some quality time with Blake Griffin, as seen in the video above. What do you think they are talking about? I bet Justin is telling Blake all about the super fucking ill go-kart he just… »12/02/14 11:28am12/02/14 11:28am

Report: Blake Griffin Charged With Misdemeanor Battery

According to TMZ, the Clark County District Attorney has charged Clippers star Blake Griffin with misdemeanor battery for his role in an alleged assault in a Las Vegas night club last month. Griffin is alleged to have gotten mad at cameras flashing in his face while in Tao Nightclub, so he grabbed the phone and neck… »11/12/14 7:03pm11/12/14 7:03pm