Figure Skaters Crash Into Each Other's Faces; One Later Busts Ass

At the Lexus Cup of China, the International Skating Union's Grand Prix of Figure Skating, there was a real humdinger of a bell-ringer between China's Han Yan and Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu in warmups. YouTube shows both men gliding backwards at concussion-ready speeds and turning into one another, chin-to-noggin, too… »11/08/14 7:09pm11/08/14 7:09pm

The Running Of The Bulls Keeps Happening Despite Shit Like This

A mere 23 people were injured during the most recent running of the bulls, which somehow is still a thing people do. The Associated Press has a gruesome rundown of the misfortunes that befell these silly twats, many of whom collided and bottlenecked at the entrance to the bull ring. Bulls then trampled, hurdled and… »7/13/13 11:34am7/13/13 11:34am

Casey Prather Pondered Life, Existence, And Why Blood Was Pouring From His Skull

Tennessee knocked off #8 Florida last night 64-58, and it was an unhappy homecoming for Casey Prather even before the final buzzer sounded. The junior Gators guard and Tennessee native earned a nasty gash to the face late in the game, in the process possibly taking on his third concussion of the season. »2/27/13 10:45am2/27/13 10:45am

Browns Center Alex Mack Has Blood On His Ass [UPDATE]

The Browns are, so far, managing not to embarrass themselves—Cleveland's within a touchdown of the Ravens in Baltimore as of this writing. More serious injuries notwithstanding, we are concerned about the health of Browns center Alex Mack, who appears to be bleeding from a place you really do not want to be bleeding.… »9/27/12 10:41pm9/27/12 10:41pm

Russian Hockey Player Gets Sliced In The Neck, Loses One Pint Of Blood, Will Only Miss One Game

Damn, hockey players are an insanely tough group of people. Denis Sokolov, a longtime blueliner in the KHL, got sliced in the neck by accident on Monday, thanks to the wayward skate blade of an opposing player. It nicked his carotid artery and he preceded to gush blood all over the ice. However, he immediately got… »9/12/12 10:20pm9/12/12 10:20pm

Miguel Cabrera Bleeds All Over The Infield After Taking Grounder To The Face

Cabrera, by necessity the Tigers' new third baseman, got a rude welcome to the hot corner in today's spring training game in Clearwater. A Hunter Pence grounder took a bad hop and caught Cabrera directly in the sunglasses, which cut open his cheek and ruined a perfectly good uniform with human blood. He left the… »3/19/12 2:03pm3/19/12 2:03pm

Ben Henderson Severely Messed Up Frankie Edgar's Face En Route To Winning The UFC Lightweight Belt

In one of UFC's better title fights of late, Benson Henderson claimed the lightweight belt as he won a unanimous decision over Frankie Edgar at UFC 144 in Tokyo Saturday night. His ability to seize victory came in no small part to this perfectly-placed second-round upkick that mangled Edgar's face, leaving the… »2/26/12 2:06am2/26/12 2:06am