The Packers Are Laying The Beatdown Of The Season On The Panthers

Carolina-Green Bay is into the third quarter, and the Panthers are just about flatlining. Green Bay went up 21-0 in the first quarter, and have it at 35-3 in the third. Short of the miraculous, this is already one of the blowouts out of the season. » 10/19/14 3:22pm 10/19/14 3:22pm

Everyone Has An Opinion On That 100-0 Girls Baskteball Game

The debate rages: When is it proper to call off the full-court press? Should a losing team be shown mercy? Aren't some kids simply better suited for Theater Arts? » 1/29/09 5:15pm 1/29/09 5:15pm

It Seems Difficult To Lose 57-1

We're kind of suckers for these types of stories: One team so much more talented than another team that it absolutely eviscerates them at a too-violent-for-small-children level. This is one of the better ones in a while; Bridgewater State (Mass.) beat Newbury 57-1. » 4/10/07 5:45pm 4/10/07 5:45pm