Blown Offside Call Robs UNC Of Chance To Force Overtime Against Clemson [UPDATE]

First things first: North Carolina’s chances of winning this game were very slim. They’d have a minute to go 50 yards, score a touchdown, and get the two-point conversion—and that would just be to tie. But that an officiating blunder stripped them of the opportunity for a stunning comeback is, given that this is the…


WNBA Refs Award Made Basket For Shot That Clearly Did Not Enter Basket

In case you were wondering, there are people who actually wager on WNBA games. And some of those people were likely paying very close attention to the final minutes of last night’s Chicago Sky vs. Atlanta Dream game, because referees awarded Chicago’s Elena Delle Donne a basket that did not even come close to going in.

This Moment Of Phillies Ineptitude Brought To You By The Bullpen Phone

How bad were the Phillies against Baltimore tonight? So bad they had to bring in Jeff Francoeur to pitch. Except that Francoeur couldn’t get anybody out, so pitching coach Bob McClure tried to call down to the bullpen to get a real pitcher up. One problem: the bullpen phone was off the hook after Philadelphia found…