Fowler Falls For Fake Website, Makes Crazy Claims About Tennis Star

Tonight's Australian Open coverage on ESPN2 featured announcer Chris Fowler explaining to the audience that Japanese pro Kei Nishikori is, among other things, the highest-paid tennis player in the world and the owner of a restaurant chain, a soccer team, and clothing and perfume lines. None of those things are true,… » 1/19/15 9:59pm 1/19/15 9:59pm

Receiver's Blunder Turns 78 Yard TD Catch Into 100 Yard Fumble Return

Kaelin Clay should have had a 79-yard touchdown catch to put Utah up 14-0 on Oregon. Instead, the Ducks tied the game when Clay dropped the ball short of the goal line and Oregon's Joe Walker picked it up to go the entire length of the field in the opposite direction. » 11/08/14 11:05pm 11/08/14 11:05pm

Texas Botched The Coin Toss, Has To Kick Off To UCLA Both Halves

Managing the opening coin toss of a football game's pretty simple: if you win, defer. If you lose, take the ball. Texas somehow screwed this up tonight, and UCLA will get the ball to start both halves. » 9/13/14 8:48pm 9/13/14 8:48pm

Turkish League Player Misses Goal From One Yard Away

It takes an enormous amount of skill to kick a soccer ball toward a goal from one yard away and miss the target. Romanian soccer player Bogdan Stancu must be really skilled! » 12/28/13 4:09pm 12/28/13 4:09pm

2013: The Year In TV News Bloopers

We spent a few months this year tracking local news blunders until the sheer volume of them forced us to abandon the project. Thankfully, a YouTube user has been collecting awkward events and put together this wonderful montage of the year's stupidest moments in TV news. » 12/26/13 11:16am 12/26/13 11:16am

St. Louis Newscasters So Shocked By Cards Loss They Literally Go Silent

Look, we were shocked too—nobody was expecting Game 4 to end on a pickoff, because no World Series game ever had before. But that's no reason to pout, kiddos! You've got a job to do! » 10/28/13 12:53am 10/28/13 12:53am

Messed-Up Mugshots & Dead Jermaine Dupri: May In Local News Blunders

We Regret The Error is our monthly look at local news mistakes and the subsequent boilerplate apologies. Spy a blunder on your local news? Let us know. » 6/04/13 12:15pm 6/04/13 12:15pm

ESPN Blunder Leads To Amazing Bob Ley Moment

Bob Ley is the cornerstone of ESPN's journalism credibility. His role at the helm of Outside The Lines has established him as a trusted voice in news, which is why this crazy moment is so very precious. » 5/03/13 3:34pm 5/03/13 3:34pm

Child Porn, Pervert Photos, And Other Things TV News Got Wrong In April

We Regret The Error is a monthly feature in which we compile TV news mistakes and the subsequent boilerplate apologies. Here's everything we could find from the month of April. » 5/01/13 4:03pm 5/01/13 4:03pm

Dumb Shining Moment: Your 2013 NCAA Tournament Lowlight Reel

Tonight in Atlanta, Louisville and Michigan will battle for the national title in what promises to be a game full of spectacular and heroic plays—some of which will make CBS's "One Shining Moment" highlight reel afterward. Here's a compilation of our favorite March Madness moments from 2013 that won't find their way… » 4/08/13 5:00pm 4/08/13 5:00pm

They're Getting Worse, Not Better: Here Are The 28 Worst Replacement…

After a lousy first week in the NFL, replacement officials again came under fire this weekend following trip-ups, missed calls, and general ineptitude. While Roger Goodell testifies to the NFL's increased emphasis on player safety, his continued lockout of union officials reveals the league really doesn't give a… » 9/20/12 2:22pm 9/20/12 2:22pm

Here Are The 21 Worst Replacement Referee Mistakes From Sunday

Despite management-friendly scribes swearing to the contrary, the NFL's replacement officials made some enormous errors yesterday—some of which affected the outcome of games and at least one that directly led to a starting quarterback being knocked out of the game. That's not to mention losing track of time outs,… » 9/10/12 3:35pm 9/10/12 3:35pm

Luke Donald Is Sorry For Calling A Golf Course Architect A "Cock" On…

On Saturday, Luke Donald, frustrated with a bogey on the 18 at TPC Boston, sent out two tweets without looking very closely at which box he was typing in: his cell phone number, and another, in which he called the guy who designed the course "a cock." » 9/03/12 12:10pm 9/03/12 12:10pm

Stupidest Football Play In History Occurs As Player Returns Fumble 58…

This actually happened! Kent's Andre Parker recovered a blown punt return after the ball grazed a Towson player, only to return the recovered fumble toward his own goal. The only thing that stopped him from scoring a safety for Towson? Towson's punt return team, who foolishly tackled him before he could score them… » 8/30/12 8:35pm 8/30/12 8:35pm

NBC's Local Affiliates Don't Understand How Spoilers Work, Either

On Monday NBC inadvertently spoiled the result of a race they had yet to broadcast by showing its winner celebrating in a promo for the following morning's Today show. It seems its local affiliates aren't quite getting how to play the tape-delay game, either. Here's a clip from last night's 6 p.m. broadcast on KXAS,… » 8/01/12 9:30pm 8/01/12 9:30pm

NBC Runs Today Promo Spoiling Outcome Of Race They Were About To Air

NBC can't even do tape delay properly, it seems. Tonight's heavily-hyped broadcast of Missy Franklin's 100 backstroke became a moot point after the Peacock Network ran the above promo for the commercial break before the race actually aired. If you're one of the fools who actually avoids learning about… » 7/30/12 10:04pm 7/30/12 10:04pm

North Korean Women's Soccer Team Refuses To Take Field After Venue…

The London Olympics are off to a kicking start after a screw-up at Hampden Park in Glasgow led to the South Korean flag being displayed before North Korea's women's soccer match against Colombia and the subsequent refusal of North Korea's side to take the field. (You can see a photo of the mix-up here.) The team… » 7/25/12 3:55pm 7/25/12 3:55pm

Maine TV Anchor Reports Last Night's Heat-Celtics Game Four Ended In A…

Portland, Maine, isn't exactly a small television market. With a Nielsen DMA rank of 78, it's solidly mid-sized, amongst the Toledos and Omahas of the TV landscape. Regardless, stations sometimes find themselves shorthanded on the weekends—which appears to have happened at Portland's ABC affiliate WMTW last night,… » 6/04/12 2:00pm 6/04/12 2:00pm

Rookie Rangers Reliever Robbie Ross Reveals Wrong Regalia, Receives…

Texas rookie hurler Robbie Ross found himself in a bit of trouble last night during the second game of the Rangers' doubleheader against Baltimore after removing his sweatshirt when being called to warm up in the bullpen and realizing he was wearing the wrong jersey. » 5/11/12 1:15pm 5/11/12 1:15pm