BMX Rider Nails World's First Quadruple Backflip

Riders Jed Mildon and James Foster have spent most of the last year competing to become the first to land a quad flip—just four years after Mildon hit the first triple flip. This weekend, Mildon won the race to four, helped in no small part by Foster’s separated shoulder and 10 broken ribs suffered in failed attempts. »7/13/15 9:26am7/13/15 9:26am


BMX Is Underway At The London Olympics, Which Means We've Had Our First Bloody Gnarly Crash

The tough times for America's Olympic BMX team started before the Games were even underway: star Arielle Martin had to drop out after a devastating crash on the team's last day of training before leaving for London. Martin's replacement, Brooke Crain, didn't fare much better during today's seeding run at the BMX… »8/08/12 12:20pm8/08/12 12:20pm