Champion Powerboat Racer Who Faked His Death Surrenders To Authorities

Andrew Biddle—the champion powerboat racer who authorities suspected of faking his own death in a boating accident—surrendered in Atlantic County Superior Court today. Biddle and a friend were supposedly in a boat that crashed into a buoy off of Longport (N.J.) last July. The friend swam to shore and said he hadn't… »2/13/15 12:15am2/13/15 12:15am


Police Believe Champion Powerboat Racer Faked His Death In Boat Crash

The official story goes like this: Last month, a pontoon boat carrying two men crashed off of Longport, N.J. One swam to shore safely; the other, 44-year-Andrew Biddle, has not been found and was reported missing. But local police now believe that Biddle faked the accident in an attempt to escape prosecution on a… »8/04/14 7:09pm8/04/14 7:09pm

Alex Rodriguez Has Given Himself A New Nickname, So Everyone Be Sure To Call Him That

Say hello to Captain Rodriguez. A-Rod has been spending the holidays in Florida with his family (and Torrie Wilson), and he's documenting it all on his Facebook page. He put this photo up yesterday, but quickly deleted it. Maybe because the Yankees already have a captain, or maybe because he realized, as the reader… »12/28/12 9:55am12/28/12 9:55am

Great, It's Gotten To The Point That Great White Sharks Are Jumping Into Our Boats

Off the coast of South Africa doing a shark count in Mossel Bay, members of an Ocean Research team were chumming the water in order to draw their numerical prey in. It wasn't long before an 1,100-pound, 10-foot great white took it upon itself to get airborne in a successful effort to go aboard the boat without… »7/21/11 10:15pm7/21/11 10:15pm