If Tom Verducci Thinks Justin Verlander Pitched Like Bob Gibson, Tom…

Look, please, for pity's sake: Justin Verlander pitched a mediocre game last night. Craggs already said his piece about the frantic efforts of the sports press corps to sculpt the pile of horse poop Verlander left on the pitcher's mound into a living, breathing unicorn. The relentlessly genial Joe Posnanski is politely … » 10/14/11 11:43pm 10/14/11 11:43pm

Aubrey Huff Is Jackin' It

Which team has the best record in the American League? Say it with me: Boston Red S ... wait, what? Baltimore Orioles? I'll be damned. Things are so crazy at Camden Yards that they're actually cheering Aubrey "Jackin' It" Huff, whose solo homer in the eighth stood for the Orioles in a 5-4 comeback win over the Mariners. » 4/08/08 11:10am 4/08/08 11:10am