Cool Chart: A's Skipper Bob Melvin Is The King Of Platoons

Over at Sports on Earth, Jack Moore created this great graphic to demonstrate just how crazy A's manager Bob Melvin is about platoons. The green rectangles represent consecutive games in which the same hitter held the same spot in the batting order, with blanks showing a change from the previous game. Coco Crisp was… »10/10/13 10:01am10/10/13 10:01am


What The Hell Does CSN Baseball Analyst Shooty Babitt Think "Gay" Means?

Shooty Babitt was a baseball player. He scouted. He's worked on both coasts, for teams and in the media. And yet, when his co-anchor gives him a lead-in to praise Oakland A's manager Bob Melvin for downplaying his team's recent success, Babitt says Melvin is "feeling a little too gay, talking about, possibly, we have… »9/03/12 1:30pm9/03/12 1:30pm