San Diego Residents Find Their Street Littered With Obscene Objects: 600 Chris Denorfia Bobbleheads

What are you even supposed to do with one Chris Denorfia bobblehead, let alone 600 of them? That’s the dilemma a group of San Diego housemates faced when they went outside one morning and found 600 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads dumped in the middle of their street. Not knowing what else to do, they called the cops, who… »11/13/15 1:29am11/13/15 1:29am


This Coco Crisp Bobblehead Does The Bernie, And You Want It

The A's adopted the Bernie Lean as their rally dance last year, and it seems to have been worked. After Coco Crisp introduced the clubhouse to the song (actually, two songs: "Moving Like Berney" by ISA and "Bernie Lean" by ATM & IMD), and adopted the latter as his walk-up music, Oakland went on a late-season tear to… »2/05/13 10:40am2/05/13 10:40am

Vin Scully Can Even Make Bobbleheads Seem Cool Again

Major League Baseball's enduring fascination with bobbleheads is, by and large, played out by now, but we'll grant an exception for this August 30, when the Dodgers hold their first-ever Vin Scully Bobblehead Night and give away this reasonable likeness of the Hall of Fame announcer, now in his 63rd year of calling… »5/29/12 10:20pm5/29/12 10:20pm