Over Two-Month Period, Bobby Petrino Exchanged 200 Messages With Former…

The process of parsing Bobby Petrino's phone records continues, and another interesting number has popped up on our radar. In fits and starts, Petrino exchanged nearly two hundred text and picture messages with a Little Rock cell phone registered to one Alison Melder, whose LinkedIn profile lists her as a senate… » 4/12/12 1:00pm 4/12/12 1:00pm

Bobby Petrino Was Texting Greg Brohm Right Before The Crash

Going through Bobby Petrino's phone records, there's a series of text messages to and from a single phone number in the minutes before and after the crash. » 4/11/12 7:35pm 4/11/12 7:35pm

Here Are Bobby Petrino's Phone Records

We received phone records from Bobby Petrino's university-issued cellphone dating back to Sept. 12, and the contact with Jessica Dorrell begins almost immediately. From phone tag at 10:33 a.m. on the Monday before the Troy game, to a flurry of calls the evening after the police report naming her was released, Petrino… » 4/11/12 6:30pm 4/11/12 6:30pm