Lolo Jones Won A Gold Medal (In World Championship Bobsled)

Lolo Jones still has yet to win a gold medal in the Olympics, but today, she added a new and extra random addition to her small pile of world championship medals—she now has two golds for 60m hurdles, and one for the combined bobsled-skeleton team event at the Swiss winter world championships. She was the brakewoman… »1/27/13 5:10pm1/27/13 5:10pm

Vladimir Putin Goes Bobsledding, Almost Makes It To The End

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is a manly sort, who's never met a sporting photo op he didn't like. Yesterday he visited a training complex outside Moscow to watch the Russian national team train, but couldn't resist hopping in the two-man sled for a ride, despite his fur-lined parka and complete lack of training. »2/17/12 1:15pm2/17/12 1:15pm