Dayton Advances To The Round Of 64 On Sketchy No-Call At Home

Dayton beat Boise State 56-55 tonight to advance to the first round proper of the NCAA tournament, but Boise State and their fans will spend the next couple of weeks believing they were jobbed. Boise State's Derrick Marks saw his last second three-point attempt miss badly, but he'll argue that he only missed because… » 3/19/15 12:02am 3/19/15 12:02am

Homeless Football Player Can't Receive Fans' Aid Due To NCAA Rules

A local Idaho news station aired a segment on Boise State football player Antoine Turner, and his rough journey from New Orleans to the team. Turner's currently homeless, and Broncos fans who learned about his story want to help, but the university is discouraging that generosity, because it could fall under an NCAA… » 5/13/14 9:57pm 5/13/14 9:57pm

Wyoming Falls From The List Of Unbeatens As Boise State Hits…

Wyoming's been perhaps the most under-the-radar undefeated team this season—high-flying Larry Nance, Jr. notwithstanding—and came into tonight's home matchup against Boise State with confidence they'd advance their record to 14-0. Of course, this has been one of Boise's best seasons in ages, entering the game with… » 1/10/13 12:05am 1/10/13 12:05am

Boise State Is Boning The Big East Before Their First Date

Never mind that it's located some 2,700 miles from the league office in Providence, R.I.: Boise State decided last year that it was all set to join the Big East for football next year. The move lacked geographic sense, but it made perfect football sense because it gave the upstart Broncos a place at the BCS trough » 12/31/12 4:15pm 12/31/12 4:15pm

Boise State Horseface Is Somehow Scarier Than Other Horsefaces

Remember shirtless horse-man? He was somewhat of an amusing interlude, taking our mind away from a storm's impending devastation if only for a few moments. This Boise State horseface—spotted during the Broncos' exciting 28-26 Maaco Bowl Las Vegas win over Washington—is more disconcerting. Maybe it's the way his… » 12/22/12 7:45pm 12/22/12 7:45pm

Forbes's 2012 List Of The Most Valuable Teams In College Football Reads…

Forbes's latest best guess at the most valuable college football programs is out, and if you're a Texas fan, congratulations: Your slavering devotion to the Death Star of the Big 12 has paid off once again. You're number one! Granted, you're in the "also receiving votes" category in the AP's poll of on-the-field… » 12/22/12 3:25pm 12/22/12 3:25pm

Cincinnati And UConn Said To Ponder Starting Yet Another Geographically…

With the Big East in full meltdown mode, two of the traditional basketball powers are considering a move to the ACC—or, barring that, UConn and Cincinnati will take their ball and go start their own conference, according to The Sporting News. The only flaw in this plan is that the new conference would blanket the… » 12/15/12 8:49pm 12/15/12 8:49pm

A Boise State Equipment Truck Hit A Cow, And Someone Took A Picture Of…

Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman tweeted this picture he found of what happens when the Boise State equipment truck hits a cow. There's manure and blood everywhere. Everywhere. » 10/04/12 3:40pm 10/04/12 3:40pm

The Official Boise State Twitter Feed Was Honest For About 30 Seconds…

Here's the official account for Boise State Athletics (Go Broncs!) reacting to Friday night's loss to the Michigan State Spartans. They're right, of course—Boise State didn't score after halftime, and ended the game with only 206 yards of total offense—but for some reason they still felt compelled to delete the tweet… » 9/02/12 3:30pm 9/02/12 3:30pm

A Detroit Lions Executive Might Lose His House Because The High School…

We told you last year about a Detroit-area high school that rubbed Boise State the wrong way after installing a $400,000 football field of blue artificial turf. Boise State said everything would be fine as long as they didn't refer to it as "blue turf." » 8/17/12 2:50pm 8/17/12 2:50pm

The Dennis Erickson Era At Arizona State, Encapsulated In One Play

Arizona State fired head football coach Dennis Erickson almost a month ago, but allowed him to coach the team through the end of the season—including tonight's Las Vegas Bowl matchup against Boise State. If there's any play that demonstrates the futility of the Sun Devils under Erickson's tutelage, it's this one, in… » 12/22/11 10:33pm 12/22/11 10:33pm

You Haven't Seen The Last Of Kellen Moore (You Probably Have)

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: the Boise State senior thinks he's got NFL stuff. » 11/15/11 5:25pm 11/15/11 5:25pm

The Big East: Your New Home For Boise State, Central Florida, Navy, And…

Well, Colorado is east of Idaho, we suppose. And, hey, Thursday night blue turf on ESPN, within, like, a few years. That's something to look forward to, right? Maybe? Anyone? [USA Today] » 10/14/11 6:25pm 10/14/11 6:25pm

Boise State Will Allow Detroit High School To Have Blue Turf As Long As…

Boise State is very particular about their turf, which is blue, and the name of their turf ("blue turf"), because no one in college football has turf quite like them (in that their turf is blue). Most turfs, you see, are green. » 8/25/11 5:40pm 8/25/11 5:40pm

Boise State Heralds The End Of The World

Earthquake, white Michael Vick, hurricane, and now a pale horse on the Broncos' Nike Pro Combat uniforms. These are the signs of the Apocalypse. » 8/25/11 4:20pm 8/25/11 4:20pm

Georgia Scheduled Boise State Because They Thought Kellen Moore Had…

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: spoiler alert, the Bulldogs start the season 0-2. » 8/05/11 4:00pm 8/05/11 4:00pm

Boise State Forbidden From Wearing All Blue Everything On All Blue Field

The Boise State football program, which will play its first season as a Mountain West Conference team this year, will not be permitted to wear its electric blue uniforms at home on its electric blue field in league games. The agreement presumably satisfies the "those things are annoying as shit" clause in the school's… » 7/27/11 12:25pm 7/27/11 12:25pm

Boise State Gets Hit With The Dreaded "Lack Of Institutional Control"…

Your latest football powerhouse to run afoul of the NCAA Infractions Committee? Your once and future Cinderella Boise State Broncos. » 5/03/11 1:25pm 5/03/11 1:25pm

Computer Glitch, Meaningless FCS Game Mean The BCS Standings Are Wrong

We hate to keep harping on this stuff, but they make it all too easy. The BCS standings are slightly off — LSU at 10 and Boise State at 11 should be switched — and the perpetrator is little Appalachian State. » 12/06/10 4:25pm 12/06/10 4:25pm