Bolivia's President Will Play For A Pro Soccer Team Next Season

Sports! They're for everyone. Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, has been signed to play for a professional soccer team in his home country, which he'll play on as his schedule permits. » 5/19/14 7:53pm 5/19/14 7:53pm

President Of Bolivia Knees Political Rival In The Groin During Soccer…

Bolivia held a friendly match to commemorate the re-opening of the newly refurbished La Paz stadium on Sunday. » 10/05/10 11:15am 10/05/10 11:15am

What Soccer Needs Is More Kicks To The Face

Bolivian soccer has it figured out. When an opposing player elbows you during a fight for the ball, don't take a wailing, overdramatic dive. Just wait until halftime and then give him a flying boot to the head. » 8/25/09 10:15am 8/25/09 10:15am