Double Dick Dude's Memoir Reads Like a 'Letters to Penthouse' Reject

Around this time last year, the man with two dicks and an award-winning attitude took the internet by storm, earning himself the fourth-highest ranking AMA on Reddit and gracing the pages of every website you've ever visited. And then he wrote a book, which is so thirsty I wanted to ship him a crate of Gatorade… »1/19/15 10:12am1/19/15 10:12am


In The Mood For Laughs: An Interview with Phil Hartman's Biographer

The man may be gone, but the characters live on: Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, Anal Retentive Chef, Lionel Hutz, Lyle Lanley, Bill McNeal, Captain Carl, Troy McClure. All brought to life by sorely missed funnyman extraordinaire Phil Hartman, the subject of You Might Remember Me by longtime Chicago Sun-Times staff… »9/18/14 11:20am9/18/14 11:20am

ESPN Book Gets Snubbed On Regis Show; Annoyed Co-Author Blames Michelle Beadle

Despite the fact that there's been no public disciplinary fallout from Michelle Beadle's nasty comments about Erin Andrews last month, it appears Beadle's trying to distance herself from "Those Guys Have All The Fun," according to co-author Tom Shales. Shales, whose longtime gig as a TV critic resulted in a chummy… »6/17/11 1:20pm6/17/11 1:20pm