What Happens When the Men Who Helped Make a Post-Game World Try to Fix It

The past month or so has seen the publication of two books from men who, a decade ago, created questionable blueprints of what dating should be like for an entitled generation of dudes. Unexpectedly (to their former selves, at least) the new stories from these teachers—who, not so long ago, were demonstrating how to… »11/05/15 7:00pm11/05/15 7:00pm


Daniel Bryan's Yes! Is The Worked Shoot Of Wrestling Books

Late in Yes!, the new memoir from the great pro wrestler Daniel Bryan, there’s a moment where Bryan comes to an epiphany about what he’s doing in the WWE—the place where he’s been employed since 2009: “I came to the realization that what we were doing in WWE was no longer pro wrestling,” he writes. “Instead, what most… »7/30/15 7:00pm7/30/15 7:00pm

This Is The Most Important Passage In Ta-Nehisi Coates's New Book

Last Tuesday, The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates dropped his second book, Between the World and Me, to nigh-unanimous critical acclaim. It deserves it, because it’s an indescribably enlightening, enraging, important document about being black in America today. Coates is perhaps the best we have, and this book is perhaps… »7/21/15 5:11pm7/21/15 5:11pm

Thrown Is The Only MMA Book Anyone Ever Needs To Write

Nearly no one writes really well about fighting, which I've always thought was less because of the sport itself than because of the institutions around it. Promoters, matchmakers, agents, sponsors, and reporters are, after all, at all times engaged in a conspiracy to deny the essential humanity of the fighters, who… »10/21/14 4:37pm10/21/14 4:37pm

Miami Marlins Owner's Insane Book About Peanuts Will Melt Your Brain

When we speak of spring and baseball, we speak of renewal. New shoots of grass, possibility, the warm rays in Florida. We rarely mention the game's antipodal force that dwells there too, a darkness that consumes joy—its unblinking saurian eyes unevolved for 37 million years, unregenerate in its predation on all hope.… »4/03/14 1:17pm4/03/14 1:17pm

What Is The Grantland Book Good For? A Deadspin Investigation

The second issue of the McSweeney's Grantland Quarterly is out now. For those of you unfamiliar with the title, the quarterly is a $25 anthology of Grantland.com stories you could read online for free. Why take a collection of internet posts and re-publish them on heavy paper stock set between two lavishly designed… »4/02/12 11:44am4/02/12 11:44am