Baseball Fan Finds Death Less Boring Than Baseball

This Nationals fan, captured for us by reader Evan, just couldn't bear to watch his team slog through another August baseball game. Instead, he decided to delve into the day's obituaries. Lots of exciting stuff going on in there. » 8/09/13 4:16pm 8/09/13 4:16pm

Bored Baseball Fans Find Solitaire Less Boring Than Baseball

The above photo comes from reader Brando, who spotted this gentlemen escaping the boredom of a Reds-Braves game with a few rounds of Solitaire. » 7/23/13 5:39pm 7/23/13 5:39pm

How Many Consecutive Pitches Can A Typical Baseball Fan Watch?

As you know, Deadspin has lately been documenting the amazing spectacle of the bored fan, the baseball enthusiast who finds a seat at the yard to be the best possible place to crochet, read the newspaper, play a baseball video game, or what have you. » 7/16/13 11:35am 7/16/13 11:35am

Hey, the All-Star Game Is Finally Here! I Said, the All-Star Game Is Fi…

No one who was playing professional baseball the year that I last watched an entire All-Star Game from start to finish is still playing today. Not one single player. Which is a fancy way of saying that I haven't watched an All-Star Game in decades. Now, I understand that literally hundreds of baseball fans are… » 7/16/13 10:44am 7/16/13 10:44am

Bored Baseball Fans Play Baseball Video Games At Baseball Game

We've got two bored baseball fans to share today, both of whom find virtual baseball games played on one's smartphone to be more compelling than actual baseball. The image above comes to us from a recent Cubs-White Sox game. » 7/11/13 2:56pm 7/11/13 2:56pm

Here's A Bored Baseball Fan Playing With A Rubik's Cube

Our tipster tells us that this picture was snapped at a Nationals game, shortly after Ryan Zimmerman clubbed a grand slam. I hope he solved the cube. I've never been able to figure out how to finish one of those damn things. » 7/09/13 12:47pm 7/09/13 12:47pm

Yet Another Photo Of Someone Reading At A Baseball Game

OK, so this has officially become a thing. Consider us the place to dump all of your pictures of bored baseball fans using books, gadgets, or whatever else to silently protest the fact that they were dragged to a three-and-a-half-hour-long sporting event. Send pictures to » 6/24/13 6:37pm 6/24/13 6:37pm

Angels Fans Are Not Paying Attention

OK, what the hell has gotten into baseball fans this year? Nationals fans are treating their stadium like a public library, Phillies fans are going to games with an entire arsenal of Apple products, and now we've got a handful of Angels fans doing what they can to distract themselves from the action on the field.… » 6/24/13 11:43am 6/24/13 11:43am

Nationals Fans Are Not Paying Attention

Just this season, we've seen a Nats fan doing his calculus homework at the game, a Nats fan doing his taxes at the game, a Nats fan knitting a scarf at the game. Now, three more examples, all from a single day, of Washington fans reading at the ballpark. » 6/11/13 10:57am 6/11/13 10:57am