London Mayor Takes Break From Harming Kids In Sports, Eats It In Tug-Of-War

Boris Johnson, mayor of London, infamous child injurer, and all-around galoot, finally decided to pick on some lads his own size when he took on members of the UK’s armed forces in a tug-of-war match. Like his other spells with athletics, it too ended in embarrassment, only this time he was the only one who came off… »10/27/15 6:16pm10/27/15 6:16pm


Mayor Of London Is Back To His Old Tricks, Runs Over Little Boy In Rugby Game

Nobody likes the guy who takes pick-up games way too seriously—the guy who stiff-arms you in the face in flag football or throws elbows while boxing out in basketball. London mayor Boris Johnson is somehow even worse, bringing an altogether unnecessary level of intensity to a game played with children not once but … »10/15/15 3:33pm10/15/15 3:33pm