Nomar Garciaparra Tried To Convince Astronauts The Moon Landing Was Fake, And Other Stories From Six Years In Red Sox PR

Go read Doug Bailey's piece in Boston magazine, because any time a media strategist for one of the most media-dysfunctional franchises in sports starts telling tales out of school, it's well worth your time. Especially when Bailey's former employer is reportedly furious about it. »1/04/12 3:30pm1/04/12 3:30pm

Even As A Cub Reporter, Bill Simmons Was Dropping Annoyingly Precious Pop Cultural References

Anyone who pays even passing attention to sports journalism is familiar with Bill Simmons's populist everybrah schtick. No need to dwell on how to write like an over-caffeinated 17-year-old. What's worth noting is that Simmons has always been writing that way. He's stayed true to himself. He was The Sports Guy long… »6/06/11 5:20pm6/06/11 5:20pm