Mike Napoli Mashes Broken Bat Homer

Mike Napoli broke his bat on this swing, and still belted the ball into the upper reaches of Fenway South during a spring training game tonight. This isn't one of those "you notice there is a crack in the bat afterwards" broken bat homers either; this is the real, impressive deal. Those are some pretty strong forearms! » 3/30/15 9:29pm Monday 9:29pm

David Ortiz claims he's been drug tested "more than 80" times since 2004. Hardball Talk notes that this means one of two things: Either Ortiz is lying about how often he's been tested, or that Ortiz is tested so frequently because he has tested positive before. » 3/27/15 4:55pm Friday 4:55pm

Rusney Castillo Has Some Nifty Hair

Red Sox outfielder Rusney Castillo showed up to today's spring-training practice with some elaborate hair. He's going to look so much faster when he runs now. » 2/25/15 6:06pm 2/25/15 6:06pm

Pablo Sandoval Remains Pablo-Sandoval-Shaped

This photo comes from Boston.com's Steve Silva, and shows new Red Sox third baseman (signed through 2019) Pablo Sandoval on his first day in camp. OK, so maybe he's a little robusto. He just got $100 million guaranteed. That's not really his problem anymore. » 2/17/15 3:15pm 2/17/15 3:15pm

This is a fun little look at the numbers surrounding Sunday Night Baseball appearances over the past decade: who appears, how many times they appear, and against whom do they appear. [Baseball Essential] » 2/16/15 8:25pm 2/16/15 8:25pm

Lou Merloni Resists Attacking Protestors Who Say Black Lives Matter

Former Red Sox infielder and current WEEI yakker Lou Merloni is perhaps best known in Boston for being from Framingham and for being Nomar's friend. But in addition to those two distinctions, he did also manage to utility-guy his way through 423 games over the course of nine seasons in the Big Leagues. » 1/15/15 9:25pm 1/15/15 9:25pm

Washington linebacker/safety/tailback Shaq Thompson will declare for the NFL draft. He will undoubtedly have more success in that sport than he did in his baseball career. A Red Sox draft pick, Thompson went an incredible 0-for-39 with 37 strikeouts in a Gulf Coast League stint. » 1/05/15 12:21pm 1/05/15 12:21pm

The Red Sox's Lowball Offer Last Winter Probably Cost Them Jon Lester

Last winter, Jon Lester said he "absolutely" would offer a hometown discount to stay in Boston. In the end, the reason the lefty ace signed with the Cubs appears as simple as the Red Sox overestimating just how big a discount they could get away with proposing without pissing Lester off. » 12/10/14 1:48pm 12/10/14 1:48pm

Reports: Red Sox To Sign Hanley Ramirez And Pablo Sandoval

It appears the Red Sox will not content themselves with just one premier free agent signing; credible reports have Boston inking both Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval to five-year deals, to be finalized as early as today. » 11/24/14 8:40am 11/24/14 8:40am

Derek Jeter Hits RBI Infield Single In Final At-Bat Of Career

Derek Jeter took his final at-bat in the third inning at Fenway Park today. He hit an RBI infield single before being subbed out for Brian McCann. Never again will Jeter have to play one of those 10-hour Yankees-Red Sox games. » 9/28/14 2:52pm 9/28/14 2:52pm

Red Sox AAA Affiliate Is Into Big Boobs On Twitter [NSFW]

Reader Charlie spotted this very interesting item while browsing the Pawtucket Red Sox Twitter favorites: a tweet from "Sloppy Cock Gagger" featuring a huge pair of breasts. Read on for the uncensored and very NSFW screen shot: » 9/13/14 3:07pm 9/13/14 3:07pm

Young Red Sox Fan Hands Foul Ball To Girl Behind Him, Is The Realest

This kid was the smoothest person in Fenway Park Friday night. The 12-year-old got a foul ball in the fourth inning of the Blue Jays-Red Sox game, and handed it back to the young girl behind him without any hesitation. She was pretty happy. » 9/06/14 2:46pm 9/06/14 2:46pm

Rays' Kevin Kiermaier Turns Normal Fly Ball Into Terrific Highlight

Yes, Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier screwed up his read on this fly ball in today's game against the Red Sox, but he compensated for it with a twisting, falling, over-his-head catch for the final out of the sixth. We're better for it. Thanks, Kevin. » 8/31/14 4:54pm 8/31/14 4:54pm

Mike Napoli, In The Rogers Centre, With Brute Damn Force

Rest in peace, baseball. You were hit so damn hard, and flew so damn far, that you were at least not in much pain when you left this earth. » 8/26/14 11:40pm 8/26/14 11:40pm

Red Sox Fan Dives Across His Row For Foul Ball, Doesn't Get It

This Red Sox fan just straight-up dove across half the people in his row trying to get a foul ball like he was a member of the secret service trying to take a bullet for the President. He landed on his wife (presumably) and another woman and small child in the adjoining seats. Look how pissed she is! » 8/23/14 10:41am 8/23/14 10:41am

Red Sox Sign Rusney Castillo, Proving It's A Good Time To Be A Defector

MLB.com's Jesse Sanchez is reporting that the Boston Red Sox have reached a deal to sign Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo to a six-year, $72 million deal. Baseball is officially in the golden age of Cuban defectors. » 8/22/14 12:26pm 8/22/14 12:26pm

Pitcher's Wife Calls Will Middlebrooks "Butthole" For Breaking Up No-No

A day after losing Cy Young candidate Garrett Richards for the year to a freak knee injury, the Angels got an unexpected lift: rookie starter Matt Shoemaker stepped up with the game of his life. He had a no hitter going until two outs in the seventh, when Boston's Will Middlebrooks lined a double to left. Mrs.… » 8/22/14 10:09am 8/22/14 10:09am