Non-Nude Attorney Updates Us On Nude High School Cheerleader Story

Further details in the Bothell High (Seattle area) nude cheerleader case, because I know that you're concerned. The attorney for the two girls, who were suspended for texting nude photos of themselves to the football team, appeared on a local television show this morning. And it wasn't a cooking segment. »12/09/08 3:45pm12/09/08 3:45pm


Nude High School Cheerleaders Now Less Nude, Sue School

It's a good thing they didn't have cell phones when I was in high school; I'd still be there trying to graduate. You may have heard of the Bothell, WA high school cheerleaders who took naked cell phone pictures of themselves and then "accidentally" sent them to the entire school. Well, their parents are now suing the… »12/08/08 3:00pm12/08/08 3:00pm