NFL Reinstates Gregg Williams, And He's Already Been Hired By The Titans

Sean Payton's suspension was lifted a couple of weeks ago, and Payton wasted little time reminding the Saints he was back in charge. And now that Gregg Williams has also been freed, we've come to learn his bounty exile didn't just include a backpacking adventure through the remote regions of Burma and Laos: At some… »2/07/13 2:15pm2/07/13 2:15pm


On Further Review, Roger Goodell Fucked Up This NFL Season From End To End

Cowboys-Redskins was the biggest matchup of the year, a win-or-go-home game for two division rivals. It turned out to be the most-watched regular-season sporting event in 15 years. But one familiar face was missing from the FedEx Field suites: commissioner Roger Goodell, who found something else to do Sunday night.… »1/02/13 4:30pm1/02/13 4:30pm

Paul Tagliabue Lifted Anthony Hargrove's Suspension Because Of Brett Favre's Penis

Earlier today, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue vacated the punishments of the New Orleans Saints players implicated in the bounty scandal. One of those players is defensive end Anthony Hargrove, a current free agent who was suspended seven games for allegedly lying to investigators. Tagliabue's reason for… »12/11/12 7:30pm12/11/12 7:30pm

Saints Players' Bountygate Suspensions Overturned On Appeal

The NFLPA, arguing on behalf of four members of the Saints who were suspended for their roles in New Orleans' bounty scandal, was actually fighting the war on two fronts. There was one lawsuit in federal court, and a second, quieter appeal to a three-member panel, challenging Goodell's jurisdiction in issuing the… »9/07/12 3:55pm9/07/12 3:55pm

The NFL Reportedly Has A Detailed Bounty Payout List Kept By The Saints

All along the Saints—particularly the litigious Jonathan Vilma—have called upon the NFL to release whatever evidence they collected in investigating the Saints bounty scandal. This isn't that release, but if it's one of those "official leaks," it's just as good. Apparently the Saints kept a ledger that detailed weekly… »6/01/12 6:10pm6/01/12 6:10pm

Who Gave The Green Light To Release The Saints' Bounty Tape?

When documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon released the Bountygate audio back in early April, was he acting on his own? The recording, a now-infamous four-minute clip of New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams telling his players to "kill the fucking head" against the 49ers, was made while Pamphilon was… »6/01/12 10:40am6/01/12 10:40am

In Order To Save Football, Roger Goodell Will Destroy It

Roger Goodell suspended Saints head coach Sean Payton for the entire 2012 season today. Of course he did. After all, what better way to get sportswriter after sportswriter to bow down in AWE of your far-reaching authority than to hand down a wildly severe punishment to someone who dares defy the commissioner's office?… »3/21/12 5:01pm3/21/12 5:01pm

Gregg Easterbrook Has Dubbed The Bounty Scandal "Sinnersgate," Because He's A Haughty Dipshit

Now that Terra Nova has been canceled, noted Brookings Institutionarian and surveyor of the cosmos Gregg Easterbrook was finally free today to chime in on the NFL bounty scandal. And oh, dear readers. Oh, the man never fails to disappoint. Right off the bat, this is what you get ... »3/06/12 5:34pm3/06/12 5:34pm