Ballet For Dorks: The Awkward Beauty Of Bowling

Bowling is a ritualized behavior that requires strength, coordination and an often decidedly idiosyncratic technique in order to aestheticize a communally sanctioned exposition of controlled violence. Orrr . . . maybe it's just a fine example of the sort of loud, explosive fun that humans sometimes get up to indoors.… »10/23/13 9:37am10/23/13 9:37am

Here Is An Image Of Terrell Owens And Jerome Bettis Bowling Together

Did you know Terrell Owens and Jerome Bettis own bowling teams? You probably didn't know that. We sure didn't, so when this popped up on ESPN's lazy Sunday PBA coverage it gave us a bit of a start. After all, T.O.'s last stint as a pro sports team owner didn't go so well. We're told this time around it's a bit more… »1/28/13 9:00am1/28/13 9:00am

Pro Bowler Wins Tournament, Kisses His Husband, And It's Totally Not A Big Deal

Scott Norton won the WSOB Chamelon Championship back in November, but it only aired on ESPN this weekend. Fast-forward to about the two-minute mark of the video above, and you'll see the aftermath. Norton, overcome with emotion after just his second PBA win, first shakes the hand of his opponent, than shares a brief… »1/02/13 3:55pm1/02/13 3:55pm

Your Kids Will Love Playing "Human Bowling Ball," The Most Insane Backyard Game Ever

It costs $4,500, it's easy to set up, and it lets you live out your American Gladiators-induced dreams of riding around inside a giant ball, wreaking havoc on your surroundings. It's called the Human Bowling Ball, and it's basically a giant, inflatable bowling game that lets you (the ball) knock down oversize pins… »7/10/12 11:00pm7/10/12 11:00pm

The U.S. Women's Open Of Bowling Will Be Held Outdoors, In The Least Magical Place On Earth

What you're looking at is an artist's conception of the U.S. Women's Open, which will follow in the footsteps of the NHL's Winter Classic and the NCAA's aircraft carrier game by being held outside, under the desert sun, in downtown Reno, Nevada. I can't think of a better gift for your worst enemy. »3/07/12 3:25pm3/07/12 3:25pm

Taunting In Professional Bowling Is The Best Taunting

There was a lot riding on Pete Weber's final roll at last night's Professional Bowlers Association's U.S. Open. The 49-year-old Weber needed no less than a strike to defeat Mike Fagan to become the first man to win the tournament five times, and to become the oldest man to win the event. But this was about more than… »2/27/12 3:20pm2/27/12 3:20pm