Diego Maradona Prepares For​ Coming Alien Invasion With Boxing Dummy

Just know that, when the giant blue Martians that have been hibernating miles deep in the Earth's crust finally emerge and begin their assault on this wonderful thing we call human civilization, Diego Maradona has been training and will knock those sons of bitches right back to where they came from. » 4/01/15 5:52pm Yesterday 5:52pm

When Muhammad Ali Was A Has-Been

The following is excerpted from Writers' Fighters and Other Sweet Scientists, a compilation of boxing columns by John Schulian, who wrote for the Chicago Daily News and Chicago Sun-Times. The excerpt contains 12 columns about Muhammad Ali that were written during the twilight of the champion's career, and is… » 3/09/15 3:13pm 3/09/15 3:13pm

Broner Bout Prime Opportunity For Marv Albert Commentary

What is there left to be said about Adrien Broner? We've shared plenty of our own words on "The Problem," and brought you a few of his too. But Broner's bout against John Molina Jr. on national NBC tonight brought veteran sportscaster Marv Albert to the mic, and the combination really made for a special moment. » 3/07/15 9:41pm 3/07/15 9:41pm

Jumpin' Jehoshaphat, Take A Look At This Goddamned 7-Foot Chinese Boxer

This is probably nothing. Probably, this is an oddity that will resolve itself well outside the view of the general boxing public. But just in case it isn't, this here is Taishan Dong, a 26-year-old, 7-foot, 280-pound former kickboxer out of China, and he moved to 3-0 this weekend. » 3/04/15 4:51pm 3/04/15 4:51pm

Just Stay Down, Man

Humberto Savigne's 420 career fights might have taught him a lesson about staying down after catching a knockout punch. That, or, his 420 career fights (most of which took place over Savigne's amateur years in Cuba) left him unable to know better. Either way... this is ugly. (Savigne's opponent Craig Baker improved… » 2/20/15 11:17pm 2/20/15 11:17pm

The Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao Fight Is Officially On 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will face Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd in Las Vegas, bringing to reality a fight for which boxing fans have clamored for years (and one which is likely to be terrible for numerous reasons.) » 2/20/15 6:31pm 2/20/15 6:31pm

ESPN's Dan Rafael Seems Like He Could Use A Nap

ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael is, as our own Iron Mike Gallego has long enjoyed pointing out, a stooge and a nitwit, but the run-up to the announcement of the long-delayed Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao bout has revealed something else about him: Like much of the rest of the boxing media but even more so, he… » 2/20/15 10:21am 2/20/15 10:21am

Buster Douglas Shocked The World, And Then He Got Fat And Happy

25 years ago today, Buster Douglas shocked the world and knocked out Mike Tyson, becoming the heavyweight champion of the world. This profile appeared in Sports Illustrated three years later, after Douglas had lost his title to Evander Holyfield. It has been reprinted here with the author's permission. » 2/11/15 1:40pm 2/11/15 1:40pm

Is Manny Pacquiao's Promoter Sabotaging The Floyd Mayweather Fight?

For years, the biggest obstacle to a Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao superfight has been the fighters' management—Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, in particular. » 2/03/15 2:26pm 2/03/15 2:26pm

Mayweather And Pacquiao Meet For The First Time

It seems incredible that for all their ducking and dodging and posturing and close calls, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao had never met face-to-face before last night. But with both sitting courtside at the Miami Heat game—directly opposite each other, as it worked out—the two wandered over at halftime for a brief… » 1/28/15 9:09am 1/28/15 9:09am

Boxer Jermain Taylor Ordered To Undergo Mental Evaluation

Middleweight boxer Jermain Taylor, the current IBF middleweight champion, has been ordered to undergo an evaluation at a state mental hospital by an Arkansas judge, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. This order comes on the heels of two sets of criminal charges being brought against Taylor, who has been… » 1/27/15 1:21pm 1/27/15 1:21pm

Jim Gray Learns Not To Assume Guy Named "Maldonado" Can't Speak English

Tonight's SHObox undercard featured Amir Imam claiming a TKO win over Fidel Maldonado Jr. in a 140-pound bout. Afterward, ubiquitous microphone toady Jim Gray went to interview the losing fighter, a lifelong Albuquerque resident. Except he extended the mic to Maldonado's trainer, assuming the young man didn't speak… » 1/17/15 11:11pm 1/17/15 11:11pm

Why Tonight's Heavyweight Title Fight Shouldn't Be On The Level

While professional boxing unquestionably often involves two fighters hitting each other as hard as possible in order to win their match, it also often puts business first. It looks as if a lot of X's and O's are being moved around in two upcoming heavyweight title bouts, presumably as long-range setups for a… » 1/17/15 12:41pm 1/17/15 12:41pm

The Night A Heartbroken George Foreman Boxed Five Men In One Hour

So I was clicking my way through the internet on this beautiful Friday afternoon, as I'm wont to do, and I happened upon this piece, inside of which was this passage: » 1/16/15 5:40pm 1/16/15 5:40pm

How Archie Moore Fought Forever And Became Boxing's Folk Hero

Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Is (Maybe) Happening, Five Years Too Late

Manny Pacquiao has reportedly agreed to two of the key obstacles holding up his long-awaited showdown with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. First, a 60/40 split of the revenue, with Pacquiao's side taking the short end; second, a fight date on May 2, Cinco De Mayo weekend, a popular date for pay per view cards featuring Mexican… » 1/14/15 1:25pm 1/14/15 1:25pm

Gucci Mane And His Enormous Gut Flaunt Boxing Skills

Watching this video of Gucci Mane going through a boxing workout seemingly in his living room—which, why?—you're immediately struck by two things: one, dude has no form, but I'm still not anxious to be on the other side of those shots; and two, man alive, that is one massive belly. » 1/02/15 5:04pm 1/02/15 5:04pm

62-Year-Old Mickey Rourke's "Knockout" Victim Admits He Threw The Bout

Mickey Rourke's ludicrous "knockout" victory last month in Moscow was fixed, according to the boxer he "defeated"—who told TMZ he took a dive for $15,000, which Rourke's camp has been late in paying. » 12/16/14 12:59am 12/16/14 12:59am

Report: Floyd Mayweather Saw Murder-Suicide Via FaceTime

Earlier today TMZ reported that rapper Earl Hayes had murdered his wife Stephanie Moseley—an actress/dancer who was most recently on VH1's TV show Hit The Floor—before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. Now they're reporting that Floyd Mayweather witnessed the entire thing via FaceTime. » 12/08/14 8:59pm 12/08/14 8:59pm