Boy Scouts Aren't Allowed to Have Water Gun Fights Now

The Boy Scouts of America, a paramilitary children’s organization inspired in part by the exploits of the young Mafeking Cadet Corps during the Second Boer War, has forbidden its present-day members to shoot squirt guns at one another. A blog post for adult Scout leaders on the Scouting Magazine website reports that… »5/19/15 2:36pm5/19/15 2:36pm


Major League Soccer Wants Nothing To Do With The Boy Scouts Anymore

Just days after the Boy Scouts of America confirmed it was still a haven for the ignorant, Major League Soccer announced that it will not renew its relationship with the badge-obsessed group before the ink could even dry on the agreement. The two organizations announced their relationship, termed an "alliance" by the… »7/21/12 4:30pm7/21/12 4:30pm