March Madness Beer Brackets Are Stupid, So Here's The Winner Of Ours!

Have you guys filled out all your brackets? I'm a bit behind this year. I've taken care of "Vegan Pizza Toppings," "Aunts Who Have Disappointed Me," "Bands I've Never Heard Of," and "Dudes Named Gary," and today I hope to get to "NCAA Men's Basketball," but I doubt I'm going to find time to complete Thrillist's "What… »3/18/15 3:44pm3/18/15 3:44pm

Meet Your Ultimate Super Bowl Snack: Nacho Cheese Doritos

Holy cow bells, what a contest! Voting was neck and neck virtually throughout the entire Finals of our Ultimate Super Bowl Snack Playoffs, with Nacho Cheese Doritos maintaining only the barest of leads. In the end, the neon orange chips stayed scrappy and took it all, with 107 more votes than tough competitor… »1/30/15 3:12pm1/30/15 3:12pm

Round 2 Of The Ultimate Super Bowl Snack Playoffs Starts NOW! Vote!

Cheese & Crackers very nearly pulled off a huge upset. The 8-seed, matched up against football snack staple Nacho Cheese Doritos, was almost left off the bracket entirely because your bracketeer thought it perhaps a touch too bougie for this exercise. Which is insane, when you consider that the same bracketeer… »1/21/15 2:25pm1/21/15 2:25pm

We Found The Poor Guy Whose Bracket Mistake Could Cost Him $100,000

Corey Johnson currently has the fourth-best bracket in America. The 20 best brackets will win $100,000 from Quicken Loans and Yahoo Sports, but Corey will not be among them. Corey's bracket didn't pick a champion. Where will Corey be watching tonight's championship game? "From a rope hanging from a tree," he tells me. »4/07/14 3:36pm4/07/14 3:36pm

Occasional Deadspin/Regressing contributors Michael Lopez and Greg Matthews are currently in second

Occasional Deadspin/Regressing contributors Michael Lopez and Greg Matthews are currently in second place in Kaggle's bracket prediction contest. They're not just picking teams; scores are based on how closely each entry's modeled win probabilities match up to actual results. If they win they get $15,000. [Kaggle] »3/28/14 12:16pm3/28/14 12:16pm

These Cool Interactives Will Help Guide You To Bracket Success

Over at The Power Rank, Grantland's Ed Feng has put together a nice interactive bracket with his tournament predictions, based on his own ranking system. If you go to his site and click on individual teams, you'll see the odds that they advance through various rounds. If you click on individual games (the circles),… »3/17/14 2:54pm3/17/14 2:54pm