Brad Johnson Paid Some Guys To Doctor 100 Footballs Before Super Bowl

As we deal with the unfolding Patriots scandal, we seek context. And it's unclear precisely how common the practice of illegally doctoring footballs actually is among quarterbacks. But it's obvious that the urge to do so is universal, because the benefits are real and significant. Ask Brad Johnson, who paid off "some… »1/21/15 10:50am1/21/15 10:50am


$15,000 Says "Brad Johnson Doesn't Finish This Game": More Tales Of Redskins Bounties

The NFL will tell you repeatedly that it's the cover-up, not the crime. That the harshness of the Saints' punishment is due to the lies and obstruction from the higher-ups, even moreso than the actual bounty program. They'll tell you this because they don't want to have to go around investigating and handing out death… »3/23/12 1:25pm3/23/12 1:25pm