How Kyle Busch Threaded Through The Leaders To Take The Lead And Win

Look at this tight little pass. Look and marvel. This is how Kyle Busch got back on the lead lap after being stuck a lap behind. Busch was on fresh tires, but the leaders were not. Since Busch had more speed, he just threaded right on through and got back on the lead lap. » 7/19/15 5:27pm 7/19/15 5:27pm

Brad Keselowski Wins The Sprint Cup, Does Awesome Half-Drunk Interview…

Brad Keselowski won the Sprint Cup last night, which is a NASCAR thing, I think. After winning the cup he went on SportsCenter to give a post-race interview, at which point he transformed into your semi-drunk friend who always corners you at the bar and insists on on the two of you having a "real ass" conversation… » 11/19/12 10:58am 11/19/12 10:58am