Cruelty Unchained. Twelve Years A Slave, Reviewed.

1. Twelve Years a Slave is a devastating movie experience, one that will leave you shaking with anger. This is not an attempt to shed new light on the shame of slavery, or, heaven forbid, a winky postmodern re-imagining of slavery as a self-referential cinematic revenge fantasy. (After seeing Twelve Years a Slave, » 10/15/13 6:23pm 10/15/13 6:23pm

Undead And Uptight: World War Z, Reviewed.

1. At this point, the zombie movie has gone through just about every permutation possible, from its low-budget schlock horror roots all the way into the world of comedy, faux-documentary, Western, even romance. The one thing we haven't seen yet from the zombie genre, at least until the release of World War Z, is the… » 6/21/13 4:42pm 6/21/13 4:42pm

Mike Tyson Talks About The Time He Caught Brad Pitt Humping His Ex-Wife

Over the weekend, Mike Tyson sat down for an interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger. Tyson talked about how he used to go visit his then-wife, Robin Givens, for some sex while the two were in the midst of getting a divorce. One day, though, when Tyson arrived at Givens's house, he found that someone else had… » 12/03/12 3:15pm 12/03/12 3:15pm

Damn It Feels Profound To Be A Gangster: Killing Them Softly, Reviewed

1. Killing Them Softly is a polemic disguised as a thriller, a series of scenes featuring various tiers of low-level gangsters shooting, talking, drinking, and complaining, unaware, somewhat blissfully, that they're all metaphors. (It's hard enough to be a gangster without having to walk around symbolic all the time.) » 11/28/12 5:33pm 11/28/12 5:33pm

Five Labor Day Weekend Movies That Aren't Completely Terrible

You're not going to the movies on Labor Day weekend, are you? Hollywood assumes you aren't. Unlike Memorial Day or Independence Day or Christmas or even Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this holiday weekend is perennially stacked with losers, the films that the studios don't want to think about anymore. Labor Day has been… » 8/31/12 4:20pm 8/31/12 4:20pm