Brad Stevens’s Wife Negotiated His Boston Celtics Contract

The Indianapolis Star published an interview with new Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens' wife Tracy yesterday, and it was adorable. The Q+A was essentially a goodbye to Mrs. Stevens, who undoubtedly assumed status during her husband's six-year stint as Butler University's head basketball coach. The 36-year-old… »7/20/13 3:03pm7/20/13 3:03pm


Holy Shit: Brad Stevens Is The New Coach Of The Boston Celtics

Humming along, day before a national holiday, late afternoon, nothing to see here—wait, holy shit, Brad Stevens just took the head coach position with the Boston Celtics. The 36-year-old Stevens had been in charge at Butler for six years, with two NCAA finals appearances, four Horizon League championships, and another… »7/03/13 5:52pm7/03/13 5:52pm

Unranked Butler Knocked Off No. 1 Indiana In Overtime On An Awkward Floater From Walk-On Sophomore Alex Barlow

It shouldn't have even been as close it was down the stretch—Butler has been a tough draw since Brad Stevens became coach after the 2007, and it's doubtful that Indiana took them lightly, but this was a match-up of a No. 1 ranked team against an unranked opponent on a neutral floor. Indiana had come in winners of… »12/15/12 5:55pm12/15/12 5:55pm

Butler Coach Brad Stevens Is Still Too Boyish To Look Anything But Ridiculous When Complaining To Refs

Brad Stevens has managed the inconceivable feat of taking the Butler Bulldogs to the NCAA tournament final two consecutive years. He has not, as of yet, managed to advance his appearance past that of "awkward high schooler" and it's long taken away from the credibility of his attempts to yell at anyone. (He's 35.) … »1/29/12 2:00pm1/29/12 2:00pm