Brits Placed First And Second At The Tour De France, Their Significant Others May Hate Each Other

Remember foul-mouthed Bradley Wiggins—the cyclist that called would-be steroid accusers "cunts" and "fucking wankers" a couple weeks ago while he was leading the Tour de France? Well, he ended up winning, becoming the first British person to do so in the race's history. He made no mention of wankers in his victory… »7/22/12 5:00pm7/22/12 5:00pm

Tour De France Leader Bradley Wiggins Has Some Choice Words For Anyone Who Thinks He's Doping

Current leader of the Tour de France Bradley Wiggins doesn't much like it when he gets grouped in with the rest of professional cycling's dopers. Asked how he feels about those accusing him and his Team Sky teammates using steroids—or whatever other high tech potions cyclists inject into themselves these days—he said… »7/08/12 4:20pm7/08/12 4:20pm

British Gold Medalist Gets Plastered, Rolls Over a Taxi Bonnet in Celebration

Bradley Wiggins, a double gold medalist in cycling, is the culprit. It's things like this that make people mistakenly believe the British can't handle their alcohol. Or have drinking problems. Wiggins was out celebrating in London House—which is evidently an area of Beijing designed to honor the 2012 Olympics. The… »8/20/08 11:00am8/20/08 11:00am