Michigan Students Rally Against AD Dave Brandon's Incompetence

College students are lazy, apathetic creatures who only get excited by free pizza, which makes the fact that hundreds of University of Michigan students protested athletic director Dave Brandon's continued employment by the school all the more amazing. A "Fire Dave Brandon" rally was held tonight on the campus Diag,… »9/30/14 11:46pm9/30/14 11:46pm

Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke: "I Don't Make Decisions On Who Plays"

Brady Hoke deflected criticism about the handling of dazed quarterback Shane Morris Saturday during his weekly press conference today, claiming the Michigan head coach doesn't "make decisions on who plays, who doesn't play." When asked if Morris—who took a nasty, and illegal, shot to the head but was re-inserted into… »9/29/14 2:50pm9/29/14 2:50pm

Michigan Man Brady Hoke Will Coach Michigan Men At Michigan, According To Michigan

Michigan Man Brady "Michigan Man" Hoke is a Michiganly Michigan Man who Michigan Manned at Michigan for Michigan years. "Michigan Men are Michiganed to announce the Michiganing of Michigan Man," said Michigan's director of Michletics. Michigan Michigan Schembechler Michigan? Man. [MGoBlue, ESPN] »1/11/11 5:00pm1/11/11 5:00pm