Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoys His Own Crotch, In Cake Form

Ah yes. We've reached the first anniversary of walking brand Cristiano Ronaldo's underwear line—which you may remember from our previous coverage. In celebration, Ronaldo's team has memorialized the occasion by baking him a cake. Of his bulging crotch. » 11/04/14 12:17pm 11/04/14 12:17pm

That Stupid Derek Jeter Ad Will Make You Cry For America

On Thursday, The Gatorade Company Inc.—a marketing shop with a secondary concern in the manufacture and distribution of sweetened salt water—released an advertisement featuring Derek Jeter, one of the worst players in baseball. » 9/19/14 5:11pm 9/19/14 5:11pm

Arsenal Players Speak Out Against Homophobia, With Sexy Results

As a matter of policy, we don't usually participate in advertising campaigns. We're making an exception here, though, because a) the advertisement above, featuring several Arsenal players, is for an anti-homophobia campaign, which is fine by us and b) we need a pretext to run the following, which is definitely the… » 9/05/14 12:46pm 9/05/14 12:46pm

Why Is ESPN Letting Darren Rovell Turn Ad Campaigns Into Articles?

Here is a headline from a recent Darren Rovell article (?) that appeared on earlier this week: "Deal forbids Brees from motorcycle." » 5/21/14 5:34pm 5/21/14 5:34pm

Every Heartwarming Draft Story Is A Commercial

At some point yesterday, you probably read about soon-to-be-NFL-quarterback Teddy Bridgewater giving his mom a pink Cadillac, thus fulfilling a promise that he made to her when he was nine. It was a sweet story, the kind that's designed to make us all feel good about sports and moms and America. It was also… » 5/08/14 4:17pm 5/08/14 4:17pm

Press Release Touting Newer, Hipper Ronald McDonald Is Batshit Crazy

Ohhhhh, Darren Rovell. Oh, you picked the wrong day to be suspended from Twitter, amigo. Because McDonald's just issued a press release for a fully redesigned Ronald McDonald, and it is fucking nutty. They don't even bother trying to sound human. They went the full Poochie. Let's take a look. » 4/24/14 3:27pm 4/24/14 3:27pm

CNN Asks How Recent Anti-Semitic Shootings Affect The KKK's Brand

When CNN wrote the worst Kurt Cobain lede ever, we figured that they had done something on which they couldn't improve. Here, though, is a long article ("Can This KKK Leader Rebrand?") from the once-respected news organization suggesting that the true victims of the recent Overland Park shootings may actually have… » 4/21/14 11:50am 4/21/14 11:50am

Justin Bieber Does "Hook 'Em Horns" With Rick Barnes At Texas

The off-label purpose of SXSW is, apparently, to create awkward photographs that would otherwise never happen. Today we've got Justin Bieber and Texas men's basketball coach Rick Barnes. » 3/10/14 8:55pm 3/10/14 8:55pm

On The Super Bowl Party Boat With Cam Newton And Endless Free Beer

There was a plastic tent in front of the aircraft carrier and a man in a black sport coat was shouting—with great authority—at a group of media people waiting to get inside the Madden Bowl party and out of the cold. A generator had just blown inside the tent, which was already filled to capacity to cover celebrity… » 1/31/14 2:47pm 1/31/14 2:47pm

The Dumb Redskins Made A Dumb Trailer For The Upcoming Season

If the fact that this video is rated "BG" (burgundy and gold) for "Team, Effort, Tradition" doesn't make you gag and immediately turn your computer off, then get ready to enjoy some some terrible marketing content courtesy of the Washington Redskins. » 1/23/14 3:35pm 1/23/14 3:35pm

Can Dirtbags, Pretty Ladies, And Twitter Save Horse Racing?

If you're like the average American, your experience of major horse races centers on one: the Kentucky Derby. Perhaps you know a bit more about the sport and follow the Preakness and the Belmont as well, putting a bit of money down in the same spirit in which you'd pick a bracket and talking up Triple Crown winners… » 11/01/13 3:25pm 11/01/13 3:25pm

The Deadspin Twitter -100*: The 73 Worst Accounts In Sports

Last week, published its third annual Twitter 100, a list of the Twitter feeds that Sports Illustrated staffers purportedly consider "essential to your daily routine for finding news, information and entertainment from the sports world." » 10/04/13 1:20pm 10/04/13 1:20pm

Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury's Hashtag Game Is So On Point

Kliff Kingsbury continues to be the swaggiest swag bro to ever coach Division I college football. When he's not swaggin' all around the practice field with his players, he's leaving them cheeky notes with valuable fitness tips. Also, hashtags. » 5/08/13 2:10pm 5/08/13 2:10pm

Video: Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury's Swag Cannot Be Contained

When we last checked in with the Texas Tech football program, we were giggling like school children at this farcical email, sent from a booster to the school's deputy athletic director. Recall: the email was all about how to craft new head coach Kliff Kingsbury's image into one that would vault him onto the… » 3/29/13 10:40am 3/29/13 10:40am

Leaked Memo: How Texas Tech Could Craft The Image Of Its New Coach And…

A tipster sends along the following email, which was originally sent from Stephen Spiegelberg, a Texas Tech alum and proprietor of Lubbock clothing store Chrome, to Joe Parker, the deputy athletics director at Texas Tech. According to the tipster, the message was bcc'd to a few of Texas Tech's regents. The email seems… » 3/04/13 1:44pm 3/04/13 1:44pm

Game Of Thrones House Sigils, As Re-Imagined By A Nike Designer

Darrin Crescenzi is a Portland-based graphic designer, and something of a go-to guy for Nike. He's responsible for, among other things, the Team USA Olympic jerseys, Nike's Livestrong campaign, and various logos and brandmarks going back half a decade. These are all corporate things that are hard for anyone who's not… » 9/07/12 2:45pm 9/07/12 2:45pm