Brandon Marshall Says His Failed Lateral Was "The Worst Play In NFL History"

That’s hyperbole, of course. Mark Sanchez was right there on the Eagles sideline for this one, and he could tell you about a worse play that took place in this same stadium. But Marshall’s lateral attempt that donked directly off an opponent’s facemask was momentous in the same tragicomic way. »9/28/15 10:59am9/28/15 10:59am

Report: Brandon Marshall Called Out Jay Cutler In Bears' Locker Room

After a loss to an underwhelming Dolphins team, the 3-4 Bears had it out in a closed locker room—yelling, shoving, everyone right on down to the kicker getting blasted in turn. But as far as postgame meltdowns go, this has the potential to be one of the more constructive ones: behind Brandon Marshall's criticism for… »10/20/14 9:03am10/20/14 9:03am

Brandon Marshall On "The Culture Of The NFL" Is Brilliant

Bears receiver Brandon Marshall is one of the more thoughtful football players out there. He's got an extensive record, but he's been remarkably public with his struggles with mental illness. So when he has something to say about Jonathan Martin's difficulties with the locker-room culture, he's worth listening to. »11/08/13 2:46pm11/08/13 2:46pm

NFL Players' Sex House At Center Of Shooting Investigation

Let's make this clear up front: No NFL players are connected to last summer's shooting outside Orlando that left a 15-year-old girl with severe brain damage. But a house at the center of the case was a place where NFL players—specifically, former Jaguars and Rams receiver Mike Sims-Walker and Titans running back… »5/08/13 4:28pm5/08/13 4:28pm

Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall Accused Of Punching A Woman In Club FIght

It was reasonable to assume that the Dolphins parted with Brandon Marshall, for a discount price, to make Peyton Manning happy. It's the same sort of roster-baiting the Titans are engaging in with their very public courtship of guard Steve Hutchison. But things can have, like, more than one reason, man. Like Marshall… »3/14/12 9:25am3/14/12 9:25am

Dolphins Trade Brandon Marshall To Chicago Because Of Peyton Manning

Why would the Dolphins trade their best receiver to the Bears just two years after executing a deal to get him in the first place? Easy: To get Peyton Manning. Or so goes the theory of those who believe Manning had qualms about playing with Brandon Marshall, who is known to be ornery despite his obvious talents.… »3/13/12 6:20pm3/13/12 6:20pm

Brandon Marshall's Game Plan This Week Calls For Getting Ejected And Maybe Fighting, Just So You Know

Brandon Marshall has given us a reason to talk about the Dolphins for something other than how terrible they are, and it's because of what he intends to do during Monday night's game against the Jets. Apparently Marshall hasn't been himself during the season's first four games, at least according to Marshall. And who… »10/14/11 12:05pm10/14/11 12:05pm