Brandon Phillips Line Drive Absolutely Rips Ump In The Dick

This...this is a mess. In the second inning of today's Reds-Indians game, Brandon Phillips uncorked a rocket right into umpire Brad Myers's dick. Myers tried to jump out of the way and instead positioned his dick right in the line of fire. He would remain on the ground for some time as both Cleveland and Cincinnati… »3/17/14 9:06pm3/17/14 9:06pm

Source: Brandon Phillips Thought Jared Hughes Called Him "Boy"

We told you earlier about the dustup last night that caused Brandon Phillips to tweet that a Pirates player had said something racist to him. According to a source who spoke to someone who was on the field at the time, Phillips thought Pirates reliever Jared Hughes had called him "boy." This after Hughes hit Phillips… »9/11/12 5:00pm9/11/12 5:00pm

Rawlings Sues Wilson Over Brandon Phillips's "Gold" Glove

The Gold Gloves are mostly pointless, and largely a corporate gimmick. (They're officially the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards, and have been since 1957, when they were thought up by a Rawlings sales manager for some free advertising.) They have cachet, because they're voted on by managers and coaches, and there's no other… »7/09/12 1:25pm7/09/12 1:25pm

Tonight, One Baseball Player Ran His Fingers Through An Opposing Player's Hair

Tipster Michael M. shared this picture he took off of his television after the Reds/Nationals game commenced following a 38-minute delay. It's titled, "Brandon Phillips likes Michael Morse's pretty hair." Anyway, Phillips went 3-for-4 with an RBI while Morse was 0-for-3 with a run in the Nationals's 3-1 win. »8/18/11 11:15pm8/18/11 11:15pm