Greedy Dad Wants Free Stuff From MLB Teams Just Because He Has A Baby

There are many dads in America, and every day there are more. Many of these dads feel reasonably entitled to certain things—the right to put on their slippers and read the paper after work with their loyal hounds at their sides, for instance, or to just have a few minutes of peace and quiet, for Christ's sake. One… » 2/19/15 11:47am 2/19/15 11:47am

Watch The Deadspin Super Bowl Ad That Was Too Hot For TV!  (NSFW!) 

You know the drill by now: Some dipshit company like GoDaddy or Carl's Jr. makes a lascivious Super Bowl ad, only to be bombarded with a host of last-second edits from the prudes in your average network's S&P department. And then they go ahead and post the uncut ad—highly NSFW (OOH!), like the one above—on their… » 1/29/15 3:17pm 1/29/15 3:17pm

Three More Sponsors Decide To Stop Supporting Slavery, Drop FIFA 

Good news everybody! Three of FIFA's biggest sponsors—Johnson & Johnson, Castrol, and Continental Tires—confirmed to The Telegraph that they have cut their ties with FIFA, joining Sony and Emirates in declining to continue supporting slavery. As second-tier World Cup sponsors in 2014, the three companies paid FIFA… » 1/22/15 8:14pm 1/22/15 8:14pm

You Do Not Fuck Around With FIFA's Logos

This will probably not come as a shock, but FIFA really, really cares about its brand. Sure, it's fine allying with slavers and shrugging at the deadly work conditions for "employees" in its host nations, and, when evidence of corruption in the World Cup bidding process is found, is more concerned with keeping the… » 12/15/14 1:59pm 12/15/14 1:59pm

Darren Rovell Bravely Defends The Brands From Richard Sherman

Yesterday, Seattle Seahawks corner/provocateur Richard Sherman used a mandated media availability (and a life-sized cardboard cutout of Doug Baldwin) to mock the NFL for fining Marshawn Lynch $100,000 for refusing to talk to reporters two weeks ago, for blatant hypocrisy, and for expecting its athletes to behave like… » 11/26/14 12:36pm 11/26/14 12:36pm

Chick-Fil-A Is Either On A Homicidal Rampage Or Bad At Twitter

So either a Chick-Fil-A employee forgot to log out of the company Twitter account before tweeting about his/her gaming exploits, or the pious chicken chain has snapped and is out here cruising the streets with a weapon, looking for blood, and super chipper about it. » 11/25/14 9:05pm 11/25/14 9:05pm

Sony Ends FIFA Sponsorship, No Longer Supports Slavery

Following the footsteps of Emirates airlines, Sony has officially decided to end its sponsorship with FIFA. Some—but not all—of the brands are realizing, it seems, that supporting a group that supports any number of corrupt and nefarious practices isn't a good look. » 11/25/14 11:36am 11/25/14 11:36am

Coca-Cola Supports Slavery

Someone should do something about the human rights catastrophe that is the 2022 World Cup! Qatari authorities, for example, are reportedly using North Korean slave labor to build infrastructure in preparation for the event. If only someone would put enough pressure on them, maybe they would not use slaves. » 11/13/14 2:17pm 11/13/14 2:17pm

Damn, Millennials, Pizza Hut Thinks You're Super Boring

Much of the content of this Washington Post report on the diverging fortunes of delivery pizza giants Domino's and Pizza Hut—the former is thriving, the latter not s'much—passes harmlessly overhead, as remote and incomprehensible as solar wind washing harmlessly over the Earth's magnetic field. Domino's has a… » 10/16/14 1:41pm 10/16/14 1:41pm

NFL Sponsors Don't Want Their Ads Running During Ravens Or Vikings Games

We've said before that public opinion doesn't mean a damn thing to NFL owners as they decide Roger Goodell's future, only money. So they have to be a bit worried that some of their advertisers have specifically requested that their commercials not run during Ravens or Vikings game. » 9/24/14 2:55pm 9/24/14 2:55pm

That Stupid Derek Jeter Ad Will Make You Cry For America

On Thursday, The Gatorade Company Inc.—a marketing shop with a secondary concern in the manufacture and distribution of sweetened salt water—released an advertisement featuring Derek Jeter, one of the worst players in baseball. » 9/19/14 5:11pm 9/19/14 5:11pm

NFL Loses Corporate Partner For Breast Cancer Awareness Week

It seems that of the toxicity of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson has finally seeped its way into the NFL at large. According to CBS Sports, manufacturing behemoth Procter & Gamble has pulled out of an upcoming partnership with the NFL for Breast Cancer Awareness Week. » 9/19/14 12:47pm 9/19/14 12:47pm

Another Brand™ Is Mildly Angry At The NFL

The NFL has a domestic violence problem, and the Brands™ are concerned. Maybe not as concerned as the dumb apologizing pizza, but they want you, Brand™ consumer, to know that they care. The latest Brand™ and NFL sponsor to join the parade of concern is Pepsi, whose CEO Indra Nooyi released a statement tonight. The » 9/17/14 10:09pm 9/17/14 10:09pm

Is Glenn Greenwald Still "Red-Hot"? The Politico Investigates

Politico Magazine is a magazine edition of The Politico—America's worst publication—whose mission is "to pull back from the flood to understand what it's all about." The flood, in that metaphor, is supposed to be the tremendous churning hourly volume of vacuous meta- and meta-meta-political Narrative and Controversy… » 9/04/14 6:00pm 9/04/14 6:00pm

What's Wrong With Baseball?

Over at the New Yorker, Ben McGrath has a brief, characteristically thoughtful essay up about a question that people have been asking basically for as long as the game has been played but which, lately, seems to actually have something to it: What's wrong with baseball? » 8/29/14 1:19pm 8/29/14 1:19pm

Landon Donovan Is Not In The World Cup, Brand

You'd think that any preplanned Landon Donovan World Cup ads would've been cleared up before the World Cup started, or even by the first USMNT match, but one brand still wasn't aware, so we all got a photo of Donovan holding a phone and wearing a suit from Pacific Rim. » 6/22/14 1:15pm 6/22/14 1:15pm

There Are No Giraffes In Ghana, Delta

The Delta brand tweeted this image out after USMNT won a crazy game against Ghana, which you may know is located in Africa, the second-largest continent in the world. It's a big place with elephants, zebras, Oscar Pistorius, and 53 other countries. And, yes, Africa has giraffes. You just won't find them in Ghana. » 6/16/14 9:42pm 6/16/14 9:42pm

Report: LeBron James Made $30 Million From Apple's Purchase Of Beats

Buried in that big story on the Miami Heat considering making a run at signing Carmelo Anthony was an item on LeBron James, businessman: » 6/12/14 12:04pm 6/12/14 12:04pm