Three Defenders Combine For Game's Nicest Move To Put Chelsea Up On PSG

After a cagey start to today's Champions League headliner—Paris Saint-Germain vs. Chelsea—the Londoners dusted off some of the silky skills they've shown all season. One Blues player collected the ball out wide, sent a peach of a cross into the box, where a teammate deftly flipped it over the defense with the outside… » 2/17/15 3:49pm 2/17/15 3:49pm

Luis Suárez Given Ten Match Ban In Order To Chew Over What He's Done

Liverpool striker Luis Suárez earned a ten-match ban for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanović during Sunday's match at Anfield. » 4/24/13 10:36am 4/24/13 10:36am

Luis Suárez Is Biting People Again

Liverpool striker Luis Suárez, who earned a seven-match ban in 2010 for biting an opponent, is back to his Tysonesque tactics again as he appeared to go OM NOM NOM on Branislav Ivanović during today's match against Chelsea at Anfield. » 4/21/13 12:35pm 4/21/13 12:35pm