Meet the Assholes of Bravo's 'Extreme Guide to Parenting'

There are two kinds of parenting approaches: Yours, and everyone else's. There are reasonable parents who set boundaries and give love (like you), and then there's the crazies: the hippies, Tiger moms and assorted nutjobs who fill us with the warm glow of self-righteousness. Lucky us: The latter now have a reality… » 8/08/14 3:29pm 8/08/14 3:29pm

Wait, How Did Olympic Men's Tennis Actually Become A Fun Event?

So there was Roger Federer, beating Juan Martin del Potro in an insane Olympic semifinal: four hours and 26 minutes. A 19-17 third set. The longest three-set match in the Open era. » 8/03/12 1:36pm 8/03/12 1:36pm