Outrageous Soccer Fight Features Head Kick, Brawl, Chase Scene

This might be the wildest, most bizarre sports fight I have ever seen. Massive brawls between teams or alcohol-fueled fights in the stands I get, but this? Why did the goalkeeper trip the celebrating player, why did the second guy trip him, and WHY DID THE THIRD GUY COME OVER AND KICK HIM IN THE FUCKING HEAD? »3/28/15 4:52pm3/28/15 4:52pm

Student With Special Needs Sparks Brawl At End Of HS Football Game

In 2006 Jason McElwain, a high school basketball manager with autism, was put into a blowout and proceeded to knock down six three-pointers in just four minutes. Nearly a decade later this has become a Thing in high school sports—letting a student with special needs get into a game for a play or a couple of… »11/01/14 11:50am11/01/14 11:50am

South Carolina Prepares for Georgia With a Lunch-Time Brawl At the Student Union

Oh, those wacky, dedicated football players. The fight took place at Russell House, which despite it's quaint evocation of an antebellum bed and breakfast, is evidently a main dining hall on campus. Five football players scrapped with five "non-students," who were evidently impressed by the Zagat Guide's rating of the… »9/12/08 1:00pm9/12/08 1:00pm