Ohio State Quarterback Braxton Miller Forced Out Of Game With Possible Head Injury [UPDATE]

Ohio State's Braxton Miller—one of the nation's top quarterbacks—left the field in Columbus on a cart after suffering an ugly injury during the Buckeyes' game against Purdue. After a long run to set up a much-needed scoring opportunity (the undefeated Buckeyes being down 20-14 at the time) Miller's head appeared to… »10/20/12 2:53pm10/20/12 2:53pm


Michigan State Fans Taunted Ohio State QB Braxton Miller With "He's A Pussy" After Miller Injured By Late Hit

Today's ESPN/ABC spotlight game (and the site of this morning's College GameDay) is a Big Ten matchup between visiting Ohio State and host Michigan State, and the game turned ugly early. When Buckeyes quarterback Braxton Miller went down hard on a late hit out of bounds—his head crashing into a storage box of some… »9/29/12 4:15pm9/29/12 4:15pm