Brett Favre Is A County-Wide Crisis, Telemarketing Goldmine

An email came into the Deadspin tip box yesterday with the subject "Packers robocalling residents about Favre", which said that Green Bay-area residents were getting polled via phone survey about what the Packers should do about The Number 4 Situation. It seemed a little farcical, but considering the fervency of Green… »7/14/08 9:15am7/14/08 9:15am


Brett Favre Asks For Release From Packers, Wants To Play Elsewhere

This time it's not a text message. NFL Live's Chris Mortensen is reporting that Brett Favre has asked for his release from the Green Bay Packers. Apparently, the Packers really didn't want him darkening the Lambeau hallways anymore and are set to move ahead with Aaron Rodgers. If the Packers grant him his release,… »7/11/08 3:33pm7/11/08 3:33pm