Dez Bryant Has Grown Up, No Word On Brian Billick

If you don't know already, released the audio of Dez Byant's Sunday "rant" during a last-minute loss to the Detroit Lions. But I'm not sure what to call it, since the closest Bryant ever came to ranting was him telling Tony Romo that the Cowboys were "the best in the NFL" before going over routes and… »10/29/13 9:37am10/29/13 9:37am

Brian Billick Called The Game For The Cowboys With 1:24 Left

The Lions may have had more than 500 total yards, but Matthew Stafford couldn't connect to Kris Durham on fourth down very late in the fourth quarter. "That's the story of the game," Brian Billick said. Ballgame. The Lions "are gonna come away with the 27-24 loss to the Dallas Cowboys," he said. Except they very much… »10/27/13 5:17pm10/27/13 5:17pm

ESPN Reporter Will Watch The Super Bowl With You For About $3,000 [UPDATE]

Want to watch the Sunday's big game with ESPN reporter Adam Schefter? You can, courtesy of Tiki Barber. Remember Tiki's new venture, Thuzio? It's a company through which you can book famous sports people for your birthday party or lunch or whatever at a set price. For $2,000, Victor Green will come to your bar mitzvah »1/30/13 11:00am1/30/13 11:00am

Mercifully, Tony Siragusa Will Not Appear On Your Televisions This Playoff Season

Tony Siragusa's book entertained us, even though he lied in the course of promoting it. But he consistently fails to entertain us on NFL telecasts. He also consistently fails to inform us, about football or, for that matter, anything else. This sweater was the high point of his 2012. Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston… »1/04/13 4:55pm1/04/13 4:55pm

Tony La Russa Brian Billick Appeared On A Game Show Roughly 30 34 Years Ago, And Nobody Knew Who He Was

Up until a few weeks before this 1977 appearance on The Match Game, awesomely-jacketed Brian Billick "was playing professional football." The coaches didn't think he was "quite the caliber" that a professional football player should be, though, which is why he still haunts us from the broadcast booth. »10/22/11 6:30pm10/22/11 6:30pm

Brian Billick Said The Rams "Had Some Sex With The No-Huddle Offense"

It was just a slip of the tongue, but Billick knew what he said: the awkward pause, then the repetition of the statement, emphasizing the success St. Louis had been having with the no-huddle offense. A natural mistake. Sex is very much like the no-huddle offense. Furious, improvisational, and usually completed in… »9/12/11 11:05am9/12/11 11:05am