After The Maple Leafs Fired Him, Brian Burke Had A Sad Afternoon

The Toronto Maple Leafs canned general manager Brian Burke on Wednesday. We're not sure what it took for Burke to get fired immediately after the end of a lockout. If team brass didn't like the direction he was taking Toronto, they should have fired him before free agency and the draft; otherwise, they should have let… »1/11/13 2:05pm1/11/13 2:05pm

Maple Leafs Ownership Apologizes To Fans For Yet Another Shitty Season

The Panthers, winners of the Southeast, released a video taking shots at all the critics who said they weren't going to be a good hockey team. (They're not a good hockey team, but whatever.) But Florida's playoff appearance means something in the bigger picture: the Toronto Maple Leafs are now the only team who… »4/10/12 12:15pm4/10/12 12:15pm

Don't Ask Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke About His Job Security

That's what John Moore of Newstalk 1010 did yesterday, albeit by first noting that "a lot of people" think Burke ought to be fired. With even Don Cherry calling Burke out for, of all things, not stocking his roster with any Ontario natives, it was worth asking Burke about what kind of pressure he must be feeling.… »3/07/12 9:55am3/07/12 9:55am

Once Upon A Time, Charles Wang And Mike Milbury Royally Fucked Brian Burke

In 2001, the Canucks broke camp with two goaltenders: lifetime backup Dan Cloutier, and some dude. (Martin Brochu is about as "some dude" as a pro hockey player can be. In three non-consecutive NHL seasons, he got nine starts and didn't win a single one.) It was a personnel mystery that's endured to this day, mostly… »2/21/12 12:25pm2/21/12 12:25pm

Brian Burke Was Going To Rent A Barn To Fight Kevin Lowe Until Gary Bettman Intervened

Brian Burke has rapidly become one of the most stand-up guys in hockey, after his unqualified support for his out-of-the-closet son Brendan and his own anti-bullying campaign in Brendan's memory. He wasn't always so cuddly—in a great interview with The Score, Burke relates how he nearly came to blows with Edmonton GM… »12/02/11 1:10pm12/02/11 1:10pm

Why Hockey Has Gone Totally Gay For The Latest Homophobia Debate

Hockey, for a sport that's nominally proactive in areas ranging from replay to concussions, has never been especially progressive. No one expects the openly gay pro athlete, the inevitable big story for the next decade, to come from the NHL. While other leagues have John Amaechi and Billy Bean and Esera Tuaolo, the… »5/10/11 6:00pm5/10/11 6:00pm

Brian Burke Officially In As President, GM of Terrible Hockey Team

Starting today, the Toronto Maple Leafs can scratch "incompetent and/or old GM" off the list of reasons why they never win anything. Yes, in the least surprising news to come out of the NHL since Gary Bettman admitted he didn't know how to read or write, the Leafs announced that Brian Burke will take over for interim… »11/29/08 5:00pm11/29/08 5:00pm