We Have Another Minnesota Twins Back-Hair Jersey

It's hard to say if it's the same guy who sported the Joe Mauer hir-suit a few years back, but we have a few clues. Our first clue is: a dude with enough hair to legibly shave words and numbers into his back hair. Our second clue is: similar male pattern baldness on both men. Our third clue is: a willingness to… » 7/12/14 1:00pm 7/12/14 1:00pm

The Royals Gave Up A Run On A Hit That Started Off Closer To The…

It's been a rough existence for the Kansas City Royals. Sure they had some fun times there in the 80's, but really, on the whole, it's been kind of a mess. So, you can't be too surprised if you're a Royals fan and see this in the 5th inning of the first game of a day-night doubleheader with the Twins. » 7/01/12 9:45am 7/01/12 9:45am